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April 20, 2024

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Collapse Into Despair (Discorporate Music)

By: Jeb Branin

This is the kind of music that sends most people screaming and crying to their mommies. DICHOTIC are as apt to disembowel you with their music as entertain you. Pure, pile driving, grind you to dust, rip off your flesh death metal. They have managed to combine all kinds of death influences into one extremely tight package. The how-low-can-you-go breed of ultra death is reflected in the vocals - pure sickness. Brutal and technical death ala the more prominent American bands checks in with the grinding guitar work and the hyper kinetic pace. The melodic death of Europe's finest is represented by the intelligent and attention grabbing arrangements. Even the progressive death elements of the CYNIC breed are encompassed in some really fascinating bass effects and intricate arrangements. Being a Canadian band, the Canadian death influence of kicking butt by being better than most is also here. One of my favorite aspects of "Collapse Into Despair" is the fact that each time I have put it on I get a different vibe from the album. One might think with so much going on in the music that it might lose focus or get sloppy. Not at all. The production is solid but I can't even imagine the wall of sound these guys could lay down if graced with a huge recording allowance. It boggles the mind.
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