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June 16, 2024

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Gore Beyond Necropsy
Noise-A-Go Go!!! (Relapse Records)

By: Jeb Branin

I had heard a lot about this band and was expecting a much more 'gorified' project. Certainly this is sick but it is obviously more important to the band to be funny than sick. GORE BEYOND NECROPSY do indeed go beyond the gore cliche. They opt for a more political approach with commentary on real life issues like mass consumerism, idol worship, daily drudgery and mindlessness. They also do scene commentary by attacking cock rock, trendiness and by singing their own praises. I love every second of it. Instead of using gore as a cheap ploy to raise controversy they instead use it as a metaphor for the ugliness and hideousness of life. Even their samples are not the typical horror movie clips of women screaming but are usually silly and frivolous. Musically they churn out ultra-short blasts of low tuned noise. Imagine a combination of A.C. type noise and SORE THROAT grind and you'll get a hint of what this is like. The production is terrible and the whole thing sounds like it was recorded on cardboard but trust me when I say that is a good thing and was definitely done on purpose. A clean production job would completely undercut the noise factor and thus ruin the entire focus of the sound. Music like this has to be muddy and it has to be sloppy. That's just the way it is. The low budget production is as much an instrument as the guitars and drums. Even the sound quality of the samples is terrible to keep them in line with the entire project. This is an album for those with an acquired noise core taste, but for those of us who do enjoy this crap, this is a masterpiece bound for legendary status.
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