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July 17, 2024

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The Fartz
Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks... (Alternative Tentacles)

By: Jeb Branin

It's a great day to be a punk. THE FARTZ far too small discography compiled on one CD is, in and of itself, proof that maybe this world doesn't stink... This CD contains all three FARTZ records: Their self released 7" (1981 - also released on Alternative Tentacles that same year), their "World Full of Hate" 12" (1982) and their posthumously released "You, We See You Crawling" 12" (1990) for a total of 35 brain grating tunes. The first 7" is basically THE FARTZ attempting to define themselves. It is politically charged, second generation GERMS fare with vocalist Blaine Cook doing a very convincing Darby Crash-esque thang. The "World Full of Hate" tracks are the meat and potatoes of THE FARTZ. Most of their finest tunes are here and it is in these tracks that THE FARTZ discover their real magic. Harsh and grating guitars, thundering rhythms, and snide political humor are melded together while Blaine's voice takes on a whole new dimension as he gargles glass and swallows turpentine for one of the sickest and most identifiable punk voices ever. I've listened to this record regularly for years and it never gets old. The "You, We See You Crawling" tracks are a mixed bag because that record was released years after the band broke up as a collection of unreleased tracks spanning the bands short career. Some are poorly produced tunes that are obviously out takes and rehearsal demos. Others are the cleanest sounding tracks the band ever recorded and were slated for a release that never happened. It is here that the band takes on hints of thrash and adds a pulverizing heaviness to their sound. Some of these songs were later resurrected by Blaine on ACCUSED records so you know they are punishing. Blaine's voice goes over the edge on most of the "...Crawling" cuts and you've got to love every second of it. Suffice it to say "Because This Fuckin' World Still Stinks..." is absolutely mandatory and will be on my 'top ten of the year' list without question. I once asked Blaine when he was touring with THE ACCUSED if he ever thought THE FARTZ material would get re-released and he said, "No, it wouldn't be worth the hassle." I'm thrilled he was wrong. I've worshiped THE FARTZ for years and every second of this CD shows why.
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