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February 28, 2024

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Blood For Blood
Revenge On Society (Victory Records)

By: Jeb Branin

"The world is going to hell in a handbasket and all I want to do is fill its casket," says BLOOD FOR BLOOD. I've been listening to aggressive, hate filled music for almost 20 years now and this is probably the most misanthropic album I have ever heard!!! BLOOD FOR BLOOD are simply dripping with pure loathing for the world and all its wrongs. No one thing is the recipient of the band's malice, they deplore just about everything. The opening tune even berates hope as an emotion that intrudes in life and is contemptuous. Scumbags and lowlife losers are praised but only as kindred souls in misanthropy and misery. To fathom this band imagine taking the throbbing chugga-chugga core of hate-edge innovators JUDGE and multiply their rage to the nth degree and you get an idea of what BLOOD FOR BLOOD have in store for you. Sometimes the music seems a bit slow and ponderous considering the pure venom being unleashed but most of the time the snail pace aids the band in the delivery of their message of destruction. It would be safe to say that they borrow a page or two from the book of BLACK SABBATH in this regard. Long 'thank you' lists from each band member puts the entire project in some sort of context and gives me the impression that the band's musical expression isn't necessarily a complete picture of the individuals making the music... but you don't listen to the thanks list so consider yourselves warned.
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