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July 12, 2024

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Double or Nothing (Asian Man Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Unsteady is a seven piece third-wave ska outfit that also mixes in rock n' roll as well as some traditional ska feelings in their music. On their new CD, Double or Nothing, you can find over fifty-seven minutes of enjoyable music in twelve songs. Plus, they throw in an extra track for you!

The CD starts out with an instrumental track entitled "Tokyo." Right from the get go you'll be dancing and prancing around your room. The Hammond is strong and powerful, adding a nice touch to the music. The horns are as bright as the night ska, adding emotion and creativity to the track. The ska riffs played via the guitar will keep your feet up and moving, skankin' the night away. The drums and the bass will help to keep you bouncing and happy. Next up is "Rockstar (Nevagonnabearockstar)." A very upbeat, bouncy ska track. The vocals go from rough to light and sing-a-longable. Female vocals help with backing vocals, adding an even sweeter touch to the music. The horns are once again bright and powerful, giving the listener a big smile. All the while the Hammond helps out with the mood, providing a happy atmosphere for the listener. I must say, these guys are good on instrumental tracks, but amazing when they add vocals. "Postcards" takes us back a while with a traditional sounding track. The vocals are sweet and emotional. The song will get you swinging and swaying around. Everything sounds so delicate and grand. The horns add all the flavor to the song. Without them the song would be a failure. The golden sound of the pearls keep you going, keep you happy, and keep you interested in the song. "Stop Looking At Me ([email protected])" is the shortest song on the album clocking in at two minutes and forty seconds. The song picks up the pace again and is very upbeat and danceable. But this time they add some rock flavoring to the mix. During the rocking moments the male/female vocals singing together sound great. Faint horns can be heard in the background. But it jumps right back into some lovable ska tunes, making you jump, bounce, and skank again. "One For the Road" is another traditional ska gem. The vocals come through very powerful and crystal clear. The drums are soft, the bass keeps everything going, the ska is light, the Hammond once again adds a lot to the music, all while the golden horns once again light up the night. "Charade" officially ends the CD. With it's mystery, private eye, instrumental sound it closes out the CD quite nicely. Apparently the track is from a movie that was put out in 1963. But wait, there's a track thirteen? Oh yeah, more music to fall in love with. A traditional song with lyrics in Spanish, and the vocals carry a very Spanish feel to them. The music is great, but I'm sorry to say I couldn't understand the lyrics. Oh well, it still amounts to a good time.

Unsteady is definitely a ska band to keep your eyes on. From their bouncy, danceable ska beats to their traditional ska melodies, these guys can play a variety of ska, and play it well! I'll give this CD an A.

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