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September 25, 2023

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Demo CD (Self Released)

By: Alex Steininger

New York is probably the "ska capitol" of the U.S. And one of the new bands emerging from the New York scene is Bayshore's Bugsy. A ska-punk band with songs about changing friendships, girls, and well...fucking sheep these guys show a lot of promise on their self-released demo CD.

The CD starts out with "Walk Away." The whistle of the guitar hums over a nice bass line, before the drums come in and pull everything together. With a brief section of rock to compose themselves, the band then quickly jumps into some danceable melodies. Thick on the upbeat, the guitar swims away and causes a wave effect that will get you dancing. Then they jump into the chorus, which is a head-on attack of poppish punk. The vocals have a bit of the punk 'moan' to them, which adds a nice touch to the music, and helps accent the words nicely. "Walk away. I'm not a sellout 'cause imitation is suicide," rings in the chorus, and you can't help but side with the band. And what would any band be without "Another Song About A Girl"? A pop-rock melodic intro, covered with some nicely done vocals, drags you in before they quickly change the pace on you and throw some ska your way. Then the song starts to get you dancing and jumping, before they quickly jump into a chorus of punk rock. The one thing that takes away credibility from this song is the little hand clapping party they have in the middle of the song. Without that the song would be pretty strong, but that takes away a lot of everything it built up. But then they blast back into some punk rock which helps rebuild some of their credibility. A few bugs to work out, but that's what demos are for. The remaining three tracks, including two "bonus tracks," are all recorded live. One of them shows a very humorous side to the band, it's name "He Fucks Sheep."

The recorded tracks show a lot of promise for this band, and the live tracks show a band that gets on stage and has a lot of fun. They need to tighten up live, and need to work on their recorded material a bit, but other than that this demo is pretty damn good. If my feelings are anywhere near correct, I would say this band will be making a name for themselves in the next year or so. Don't waste any time and order this demo from the band right now. You'll be very happy you did, and of course, you'll have the bragging rights to say "I heard of them first!"

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