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July 23, 2024

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Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy (Coolsville/EMI-Capitol Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Swing is in a revival period now. Once huge in the 40's, it took a dive in popularity due to the rise of rock 'n roll in the 50's. Now it's back, and one of the bands responsible for bringing the revival to the eyes of the public is none other than Coolsville Recording artists' Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. On their debut major label release, they serve up twelve hot numbers that are nothing short of spectacular. They'll get you swinging, and they they'll get you dancing some more!

"The Boogie Bumper" starts off everything. The jazzy keyboards start the swinging, while the horns help to enforce it. The drums get your feet tapping, while the guitar gets you bouncing. The bass bumps along, giving you an extra beat to step with. And together, they form one heck of a dance craze. With the horns wild with enthusiasm, and the keyboards passionately controlling the flow of the music, you can't help but move and move some more. This isn't music you can stand still too. You'll bounce and swing around, maybe even grabbing a partner and sharing the fun. "King of Swing" is no lie. The percussion takes the drivers seat this time, sending its bouncy, light beats running through the song. The guitar also makes itself more known, with a heavier upbeat to its name. After a minute and a half jam, the vocals also come in. They're very smooth and enticing, adding more flavor to the music. They only stay a short time, because pretty soon your back to the jazzy, swing styles that are too hot to not move with. "You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)" is probably Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's most well known song, appearing on almost all of their albums and singles. There is a good reason why they've released this song so many times's a damn good song! The keys are as hot as ever, and the vocals make a great impact on the music. Smooth and clear, you can sing along with them as you swing and jive with the music. Another important thing to mention about this song is that the horns are at the top of their game. Flowing through the music with golden notes, they fill the air with a rhythm that will swim around in your head for awhile. And the song also ends with a circus-style swirl of music and voices. What's not to love about it? It's definitely one of the stand-out tracks on this album that you must check out! "Please Baby" brings along another instrumental song that will not rest until you're swinging with it. Everything is perfectly in place, and nothing seems wrong. So why not grab a partner and dance with this one? "So Long-Farewell-Goodbye" closes out this CD with a number very reminiscent of 30's swing. Most of their songs are played in a 40's style, but this one reaches far back and ends everything very classy. Considering the title and lyrics of this song, I couldn't have thought of a better song to end this fabulous CD.

They may play music of the past, but they pump fresh and vibrant life into it. Putting in this CD, you're automatically committing yourself to some fun swing and happening tunes. Don't put in this CD unless you want to move. The music is too hot and enticing. I'll give this album an A+.

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