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May 21, 2024

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I'm a Poser
By: Kate Thompson

I'm back again to bitch about things I read upon crossing into the message boards area...this time its about labels. I'm sure you all are very interested so here I go...

As I was reading some posts I stumbled across one about a person being a poser. I have some very important questions WHAT IS a POSER, and Can you honestly say someone is a poser unless you are the person being the poser? Does anyone have the right to call a person a poser? What if the person calling the person is a poser?? Hmm...I dont get it. Why would you tempt to call ANYONE, but yourself a poser? You have to walk in someone's shoes to know what shoe fits dont you? Just some questions...if you like please email me with the answer.

I dont believe anyone has the right to call anyone a poser, so what if they dont dress like the description of a "skater" or a "goth", does it really matter how someone dresses enable for them to listen to a certain type of music?? What if they do dress as a "goth" person would and listen to country, it really shouldn't matter. And why would ANYONE label themselves? And if someone wants to be something I think they can be anything they want...they dont have to listen to a certain type of music to be that something. Does anyone see my point? Oh forget it I'm just a poser...

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