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June 15, 2024

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Giant Steps
Technicolor (Skaliente Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Here you go, a great seven piece ska band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Is Ska the next big thing? I don't know. But this band is definitely worthy of some attention.

The CD starts off with the track, "Bohemian Dream." If your ever down, just put on Giant Steps and they'll cheer you up right away. This song is so upbeat, you can't help but want to move. Your toes are itching to dance, and your trying to sit down. Give into your toes and get up and dance. The music is very infectious. My personal favorite on this album would have to be, "Double-time Skank." A kind of reggae feel to this track, do to the vocals on this track. This song goes from very mellow, to making you just want to dance. And that is why I love it! Track three starts off with all horns. It is a very sad starting. While all the other songs up to this point have been dancing songs, this song is a minute long horn solo, that puts things in perspective. It makes you think of life. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad. But this trend doesn't continue. Track four, "Current Affairs," comes on, and your right back into the dancing mood. Ska guitar, a great horn section, gentle rhythm keeping drums, and once again, must I point out a great horn section? Five songs pass, and we come to "Need I leave." This songs sounds very different that all the rest. Not that it is musically different, it just sounds it was recorded differently! There are thirteen songs total, and "Back Out" ends out the CD. It starts off with drums, and then enters the ska guitar and the horn section. Not as much as a dance song, compared to the first half of the CD. It's a slower, relax to song.

Giant Steps is a great band, pure and simple. Check them out. I highly recommend them! Fifty five minutes of ska, where's the problem? There is no problem, so after you are done reading this, go out and buy the CD!! I will give this CD an A-. I love these guys, but the first half of the CD (the best half) is dance crazy, and then it gets slower and just knocks you off guard.

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