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July 15, 2024

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The Presidents of the United States of America
II (Columbia Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Our favorite comedian-rockers are back with a new album, simply called "II." When you pop a new P.U.S.A CD in the CD player, what do you expect? You expect catchy pop-rock hooks, with funny lyrics. Why be serious and make people sad, when you can cheer up every person who listens to your CD? The pop-rock trio from Seattle fulfills every expectation of the CD, and throws some other stuff into the mix.

The CD starts off with a track called, "Ladies and Gentlemen Part I." It is simply a song asking if your prepared to rock, rock to their music. The next song is "Lunatic to Love." It is probably their most serious song on the album, dealing with a real life topic of love. Track three, "Volcano," starts off with semi-heavy guitar with some hooks. But once the song picks up its all hooks and comedy down to the last bone in your body. Next up is the first single off the album, "Mach 5." Very catchy. The Presidents have scored another great MTV hit. "Twig," follows that. Next up is, "Bug City." It starts off with what P.U.S.A is famous for, an infectious, beat. And when the chorus hits there is no looking back, you just scramble to rewind the song, and pull out the lyric sheet so you can sing along. Four tracks pass, and then we come to track eleven, "Toob Amplifier." It starts off with some talking, and then the music comes in. The tale of someone getting a new toob amplifier, and how he is going to blow a big one. Just like a kid who wants to be in a metal band, and getting his first amp. He wants to play loud, loud, and loud and blow out the amp! You can say that P.U.S.A isn't serious, but what is more serious than a kid and an amp? Next is my personal favorite on the album, "Supermodel." All the hooks that are common among every P.U.S.A song, but wants he hits the chorus "Supermodel...Yeah!" with just his voice and a soft stroke of the guitar, I was hooked and you will be too! "She's not just a regular girl," and their not just a regular band. They lift everyone's spirit 100%. Next up is, "Puffy Little Shoes." It enters with a catchy guitar (don't they all) and then some mellow vocals come in, music stops and vocals continue, and then everything enters again. By now you want your own pair of puffy little shoes, just like them! The CD ends with "Ladies and Gentlemen Part II." A nice (and original) way to end the CD. "Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you enjoyed the show, Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen it's time to go." But wait...what is this? Track fifteen? Some little kid talking about his dream with Magic Johnson? These guys very stop making me laugh.

If you liked the first Presidents of the United States of America album, get ready for the next level in P.U.S.A vision! This album is twice the album the last one was! I strongly recommend this album. It is catchy and very contagious! If your unhappy for any reason, buy this album and put it in! You'll cheer up in no time! I give this album an A+. It's too catchy and funny to get anything less!

Also, check out the PUSA's great web site @ There will find all sorts of information about The Presidents, and lots more! So have fun, and check out their web site!

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