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May 21, 2024

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Camp Grenada (I.R.S. Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The L.A. pop-punk trio Gren hits it right in the center of the bullseye on their debut album "Camp Grenada." Combining catchy guitar riffs, with thumping bass and hard hitting drums, Gren is a band on the rise! They can go from a hard hitting punk like style, to a calm style and back again in the same song! Talent is one thing that Gren has! Their own style, power, and deep lyrics about life and love are also things Gren possess!

With two singles released off of it ("Pop Songs" and "She Shines") "Camp Grenada" should have proved to be a platinum record. But even a tour with the legendary Ramones failed to grab enough people's attention to sell as many records as "Camp Grenada" should have. This is defiantly a platinum record, that hasn't gone platinum yet!

With ten very catchy songs, and two more catchy hidden tracks "Camp Grenada" is simply a kick ass record! The album starts out with their first single, "Pop Songs." A very addicting song! Pretty soon you will be walking down the street singing the song while not paying attention to your surroundings! "Words about the girls and lovers and heartbeats/crap about the tears, under covers and stop me!/now I'm I'm singing/pop songs." These lines will rattle in your head and you will feel like shouting them all the time! That is how addicting this album is! Gren does a great job of following up on that song. Next comes Ballet! Another catchy tune by Gren! Then two more tracks pass, and the album keeps getting deeper and deeper, and as the CD spins, you keep falling more and more in love with the album! By track five you are thinking "Why? Why hasn't Gren gone triple-platinum yet?" And then you realize...there is no logical explanation! Track five is "Ego", my personal fav of this album! It starts with a catchy guitar and a calm intro, and then it hits you like a brick in the face! SLAM! The song gets hard...then fades to a softer tone...and back to it's hard hitting rhythm and chorus! Four more great tracks role on, and then "She Shines" blasts out from your stereo! Then "Beat on a Friend" comes on! And you look at the CD case and think, "Wow! That album rocks! I am going to turn it back to track one!" But then the two hidden tracks come on and make your fingers jump away from the CD player. But after the hidden tracks, you can't help but want more! So you go back to track one and listen to it again, and again!

Gren's "Camp Grenada" is a great album! If you haven't purchased it please go to your local record store and pick up a copy! You will be very glad you did! Also, if you want to learn more about Gren (Brett White is the songwriter/vocals/guitar, Marcus on bass, and Possum on drums) then visit their web page: You can also e-mail them at: [email protected].

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