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May 17, 2024

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Out of Order
Eye Caramba (Theologian Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Ever seen an Airwalks commercial and wonder, "Who is that band playing in the background?" Out of Order has supplied music to five of those commercials, and even been in one. The one with the speaker diver who hits the ground after everyone has fled, because the band quits playing. That band is Out of Order, a Southern California ska-punk band.

The CD starts out with "Evolution." It begins with some nice bass, and then quickly jumps into some nice ska beats that will get even the most anti-ska fan dancing. When the vocals enter it adds a rough touch to the music. The horns keep you moving to the music. Then all-of-a-sudden it jumps into some punk. It quickly reverts back to ska beats with punk vocals. It ends with the horns fading out. Track two, "Clinton Majority," starts out fast and heavy with a nice touch provided by the horns. It continues with it's fast paced style all through the song. The lyrics are as powerful as the music. They show their feelings toward the president, and they back it up with well written lyrics and a background beat that gets their anger across pretty clear. Track three, "Power," is one of my favorite tracks. A nice ska beat that portrays the theme that circulates throughout the ska scene--UNITY! "Equal unity/you gotta put it together/put it in your heart/it's equal unity/and it's more than a thought/it's my mind," are the lyrics that make this band powerful in music and in word. And it shows their commitment to unity. If everyone thought like them, maybe it would be safe to walk the streets at night? We could live in a world we can only dream about. "Ignorant Son" starts out with mild punk guitar and then some thick ska guitar come into the picture as the drums work overtime. The keyboard adds a favorable touch to an already terrific song. "Deadlier Than Any Girl," what could that be? A quick punk tune that portrays the vocalists thoughts on not having a girl. "I feel free!" are the words he shouts at the end. The CD closes with "Trust Yourself." A mid-tempo punk song about taking control of your life. Powerful lyrics, and a great beat that will kick your ass. What more could you want?

Out of Order is here to stay! Combining punk with tasty ska beat throughout the album, if your a fan of either genre you'll dig this album. Pick up this CD! Visit an indie store, or visit their web page and find out how to order it! I'll give the album an A. Don't waste another minute reading a boring review, get the album and experience it yourself!


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