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October 4, 2023

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Auntie Christ
Life Could Be A Dream (Lookout Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Auntie Christ is a punk band that combines the fundamentals of early 80's punk and puts their own 90's spin on things. If that wasn't enough, it has a line-up with credentials a mile long: Exene Cervenkova and D.J. Bonebrake (both former members of the classic L.A. punk band X) and Matt Freeman (Rancid and Operation Ivy fame.)

It starts off with "Bad Trip," but the song is far from that. Strong female vocals and powerful drumming line the song, as the fast and furious guitar leads you through a powerful world of great songwriting and cries for help. Matt Freeman's bass pulls it all together with a bang! From the start this song has the power to hook you, and the screams to give you a sudden burst of adrenaline. "I Don't" continues with the powerful punk beats, and vocals go from loud screams to softly song words that add depth to the song. "Tell Me" reaches around and pulls you forward. It starts out furious, and then it gets gentle on you. This gentle beat starts to comfort you and draws you in, but then with a scream all the energy surges to your head and you are quickly thrown back out with a vengeance. And then just when your not expecting it, it hits you with a gentle side again, eventually throwing you back against the wall. And that's the beauty of Auntie Christ. They throw it all at you, and then just when you don't expect it, they add a twist to the mix. This deadly combination amounts to a great time. "Look Out Below" throws fast, furious punk rock at you with the hooks, and the vocals contribute greatly to those hooks. As they scream with anger, the guitars are loud and fast, the bass is powerful, and the drums work overtime. "The Nothing Generation" starts out loud but soft. The vocals come in and they are gently sung. The song contains all hooks, but without the fast paced intensity. But then it goes into a weird jam, and it seems the song has lost all control. With a few screams later the song is back on track. "With a Bullet" closes out the CD. The vocals don't seem to be that strong in the mix, as they are lightly sung under the power of the fierce guitar and hard working drum beats. But wait? What is this...a track eleven? No,'ll have to experience all the hidden tracks yourself!

Auntie Christ brings back to you the punk rock that was powerful in the 80's, but adds a strong twist to it as well. Fierce guitar bites, powerful vocals that go from gentle to screams in a matter of seconds, and a rhythm section that is powerful and meaty are what you will find on this album. Lookout has hit big with this nice addition to their line-up. Ten beautifully composed tracks, and something weird at the end that will through your wind into a whirl. I'll give this album an A-. Pick it up today!

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