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SHOW REVIEW: Ozzfest '97-6/14/97 @ Great Woods in Mansfield, MA
By: Todd Follett

Y'know, odds are, if you asked me to put together a dream concert, I couldn't come up with a better one than this.... DO IT AGAIN, OZZY! Now, realize that there were two stages with bands constantly playing, so I can only review what I saw, obviously, but I have a feeling this order of viewing is what most of you would more than likely have done, anyways. Here goes:

Went to the second stage as soon as we got in...

Crowd response: Mild ( No pit, a few people nodding in beat)
Live performance: Not too bad. I love when the fuckers on guitars get out drums and start beating them together in a cool back-beat. Dejavu of Sepultura... :). I was pretty impressed with the music, too. Don't know why I heard they sucked so much.
Comments: I felt bad the guys were getting the shitty crowd response they were(Then again, they were the first band of the day).

Crowd Response: Decent. (Eventual Moshing, screaming with the guy, generally more into it.)
Live performance: Pretty good. I don't really like the hip-hop style of singing, but still some decent metal.
Comments: Not really. Definitely worth seeing.

Then we headed to the main stage....

Crowd response: Good (Alot of people got into 'em, screamed along, maybe a little moshing on the lawn)
Live performance: Actually not that bad. Definitely nothing next to almost all other bands(including 2nd stage), but gets you in the anticipation of the other bands, warms you up nice.
Comments: Not as bad as some people say, but I for one could name a damn lot of 2nd stage bands that would be far better suited to open up (Vision of Disorder?).

In anticipation for Machine Head, back to 2nd stage...

Coal Chamber:
Crowd response: Pretty damn good for 2nd stage. Like Downset. Maybe a little more energy.
Live performance: Wow. This lead-singer dude went psycho. Nice haircut, too...;) Check out the CD they give away with playing a concourse game. It has this awesome song by these guys(Loco) on there. The bassist chick is HOT. She painted her tits blue and flashed everybody. :)

Back to Main...


Crowd response: GODDAMMIT! One of the best bands on Earth and these people gave PM5K a better response! I was going nuts, though, went up to the pit, too! :)
Live performance: UNBELIEVABLE. In true Machine Head style. 'Nuff said. The curtains opened, Robb walks up to the mic:
It ruled...
Comments: SEE these muthafuckas!

Set list: (These are the only ones I remember off the top of my head)
Davidian, Ten Ton Hammer, Take My Scars, Old, Block

Back to 2nd stage...

Vision of Disorder:
Crowd response: Good
Live performance: Very nice, alot of energy.
Comments: I was new to these guys, liked them alot. At first, thought the lead singer was a little too like Anselmo, but after reconsidering and hearing them again on one of the CD sampler's I got from playing a concourse game(same CD as the one with CC's "Loco"), I really liked them and just got their debut album!

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