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July 23, 2024

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Suicide Commando

By: Jett Black

Before CRITICAL STAGE, SUICIDE COMMANDO had already been evolving since 1986. Since CRITICAL STAGE, and closing in fast now on a full decade of releasing music as SUICIDE COMMANDO, Johan Van Roy opens this 10 track electro-industrial death-spin with "Cause of Death: Suicide" an 8:18 dance version which seems more of an analytical inquiry into the subject backed by a host of hyper-tronic beat elements, and processed vocals mirroring that of TACTICAL SEKT. "Consume Your Vengenance" follows infusing a "pure adrenaline rush" to keep your heavy boots pounding! "Face of Death [Blind Rage mix]" rides shot-gun beneath aerial assault. Air-raid horns and sirens, exploding bombs and mortar fire are among the more frequent images that cascade across my mind's eye as the perpetual strobe obliterates the common era. "The Reformation" grabs attention immediately with a vocal sample which repeats something about "...the body of Christ" amid the resonant pounding of steel sheets beneath heavy hammers. Next in line, "OneNationUnderGod [AnitUSmix]" generates more cerebral attention of a politically provocative nature behind the foreground of a mesmerising vox mantra. Track seven carries this political buzz-word theme forward with "EvilDoer". All words to each song (written by Johan Van Roy) span the 12-page cd insert, the imagery of which also includes gask masks, ski masks, and numerous traditional bedouin style headressings, with automatic rifles prolific with every flip of the page. T-8 delivers "STERBEHILFE", the only song in the collection sung entirely in German. Progress through the album begins at a fever pitch and slowly decelerates until the closing song where the BPM almost doubles as though in one last urgent gasp. BPM ranges from 150 (T-1 & T-2) to as low as 70 ("PLATIKCHRIST"). At 130 bpm, "Neurosuspension" entitles the final track. Fans will note that T-9 & T-10 balance components on a theme often reappearing in modern music: Eternal Life. Overall, planning and preparation provide a perfectly arrhythmic cohesion for the AXISofEVIL recording, the lastest release by SUICIDE COMMANDO.
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