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June 22, 2024

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The Forsaken
Arts of Desolation (Century Media)

By: Jeb Branin

On the strength of their debut album "Manifest of Hate," THE FORSAKEN became legitimate contenders for the death-thrash crown. The only question was how would they follow up such an instant classic? "Arts of Desolation" is the answer to that question. Every ounce of the spine-splintering power of "Manifest of Hate" has been re-manifested (all puns intended) on this album. Like a meteor falling straight to hell THE FORSAKEN thrash and burn like there is no tomorrow. With seeming effortlessness they tap equally into the harshness of death metal and the ferocity of oldschool Euro-thrash. This album may be a bit slower overall than its predecessor but only because it emphasizes a more crushing delivery. In that sense they are not unlike the almighty ASPHYX, who are equally hard hitting whether they are playing a million-notes-a-second or merely plodding along. For my money, THE FORSAKEN and their death-thrash peers were literal saviors of extreme metal, rearing their savage heads just when real metal seemed to be succumbing to atmospheric claptrap. For that, if no other reason, they deserve your support, your money and your unfailing fandom.
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