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July 23, 2024

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Metro Stylee
Metro Stylee (DVS Media)

By: Alex Steininger

Hailing from the enormous New York Ska scene, Metro Stylee could best be described as "soul/garage/ska," as stamped on the cover of their CD. That's a fair description of them, although I would describe them a third wave ska band that implements bits of rock, pop, and soul into their music. But hey, that's just me. Led by beautiful female vocals, they add a nice touch to the music with their "child-like" innocence, and strong, grown up lyrics. Produced by the Pilfers' Vinny Nobile, this CD contains Fourteen tracks.

"Moksha Priya" kicks off the CD. The vocals lead the song, with a little girl-esqe feeling to them, while the subject matter is strong. It's a perfect contrast. The vocals are sweet and innocent sounding, while if you pay attention to what they're saying, you can tell they've experienced a lot and are that of a strong female who isn't the little girl she seems to be. On top of all that, the music is quite appealing too. The music is pretty light and has a nice, danceable beat to it as well as some catchy pop hooks that will get you listening and find you singing along with the music. "Destroy" is beautifully written lyrically as well as musically. With lyrics like, "Yes you little charmer, farmer of your own karma, don't you know that every little action has a reaction," you can't help but become intrigued. The lyrics aren't your typical petty lyrics about beer and partying, they're deep and well thought out. Who says you can't have fun, make the music highly infectious and danceable, and still not drive home a point? Whoever thinks that is wrong, because Metro Stylee proves the theory invalid within three tracks of their debut CD. "Lullaby" starts out with some garage brand rock, before the horns come in and change the pace to a soft soul-ska number. Sampling from "Hush Little Baby," they add onto it, using it primarily as a building block. The horns compliment the vocals nicely, and in some parts even take control of the song and lead it through a soft, dreamy feeling. But the guitar has a mind of its own, and turns up the pace, adding the rock kick back into the song while the vocals riffle off. But they end it with the delicate ska that will get you softly swaying with the music, and thinking about the lyrics. "Coma" provides you with a nice, hot guitar that your feet will be able to feed off of and dance with. The horns are deeper than usual, and add a nice touch to the music. The vocals aren't they're usual soft-girl style, they're louder and have more of a kick to them. The hooks are still there, so you'll still find yourself dancing and singing along with this number. "Corner Boy" starts off slow and soft, but once the drums kick in, the rest of the band rises to the occasion and the whole song picks up. A very poppy number, this song will find you jumping, bouncing, and most importantly, dancing around your room with this song blasting. Very infectious and well crafted, this song is definitely another album standout. The backing vocals also add a nice feeling to this song. The drums and bass hammer away, keeping the rhythm strong, while the guitar keeping the dancing alive. The horns back up the guitar, using their soulful touch to add a step to your dance. "Lusitania" closes out the CD with a nice, soulful number.

Metro Stylee put their hearts and souls into their music, and the outcome proves it. This disc is very strong, and has some of the best lyrics I've seen recently from a ska band. I recommend you pick up this CD today, because this is definitely a keeper! I'll give this album an A.

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