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July 18, 2024

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The Candy Snatchers
Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed (Go Kart Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The Candy Snatchers are punk rock in the style of the Ramones. You can hear the heavy Ramones influence in every aspect of the music, and they even cover "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend." "Pissed Off, Ripped Off, Screwed" covers the bands first two years.

"Loner" kicks off the CD with one minute and forty seconds of loud guitars, slamming drums, and heavy bass. And one of my favorite things about the drums, the 1/8th note played on the cymbal, is all over this song. The song gets you jumping and bouncing all over the room, reminiscent of classic Ramones. There are so many Ramones clones these days, it gets very tiring, but when you come across a band that is so powerful and able to throw Ramones at you with their own spin (no Carbon Copy), then a big smile crosses your face. "Pinto Pony" brings you more in-your-face punk beats that make you want to run around and go crazy. Forget the world for a few, and just act stupid to the music. Isn't that what fun is all about? Although not the 1/8th note, the cymbals play a big part in the music as the bash and crash in the background. The vocals aren't the best, but the music more than covers for them. And in true punk fashion, these guys don't overdue the song and make it drag on. Quick and sweet, they get their point across, let you have fun, and then quickly jump into a new number, never allowing you to get so comfortable you start to fall asleep. "Fuck My Family" starts out very soft, and then goes through a bit of a noise phase, before jumping into the number. The guitar seems to be very raw and sloppy, while the bass seems to be following its lead. The vocals are really annoying on this track, just screaming out the notes, but the drums help keep the song in line. But even they aren't powerful enough to turn this song into something special, so it ends up being just a bunch of noise. "Buzzsaw" is another disappointing song that traps the band in their own mesh of noise and speed. The guitar screams through the air, causing a bunch of noise, while the bass does its own thing. The drums are spectacular, but once again, they fail to keep the song in line. I would much rather listen to just a recording of the drums than the rest of the band. Actually, I think what ruins the song the most is the vocals. They just seem a bit high and all they do is scream out the words. "Motion" picks the pace back up and serves us some more good music. The guitar is loud and powerful, as it roars through the song as if it were the king of the jungle. The vocals are toned down a bit, letting the music take you on ride, as you once again start working your body. The guitar, drums, and bass play together perfectly, as the bass shines through and shows us what its really made up of. After a few disappointing songs, this song restores the faith. And what's this? "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" by the Ramones? That's right, they cover the song. Adding their own touch to it, it still seems to have a heavy Ramones feeling to it. Keeping within tradition, they make you jump and dance, and don't disappoint. A great ending to a good disc.

Sometimes they make you jump, and sometimes they make you want to cry from disappointment. No matter what the case may be, they do get a reaction from you. Either rocking or flopping, each song will take you on a ride. I'll give this CD a B. The recording quality wasn't the best, but sometimes it worked in their favor, adding a special punk touch to the music. Other times it just dug them deeper in their own hole of noise.

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