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September 26, 2023

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Save Ferris
It Means Everything (Epic Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Save Ferris is a pop-ska-swing seven piece from Southern California. Fronted by the powerful female vocals of Monique Powell, they create a blend of music that is infectious and enjoyable. Skank and bounce around to the melody, and before long you'll be singing along to every song. Save Ferris will run through your veins.

A re-recorded version of their first single, "The World is New", kicks off the disc. The guitar plays the upbeat, getting you moving by either bouncing your way through the song or skanking through the song. The drums pound in the background, hammering their way through your mind and making a presence for themselves. The bass is strong and keeps everything going. A bass solo comes along for a few seconds, and you get to see what the bass is really made of. Thick and chunky, it's immense power knocks your socks off. "Superspy" draws away from the bands pop-ska style to a swing-pop-ska style. This time the horns get to show off, filling the air with magic. Taking control of the song when they are present, they light up the night ska with bright lights. "Goodbye" starts off with some mystery/spy swing common in old movies, before picking things up a bit and jumping into their pop-ska standards. Monique's strong vocals lead you through a gorgeous jungle of bursts of horns, bouncy guitar, tight bass, and hammering drums. Monique's lovable vocals help you easily fall in love with the band, and you start to sympathize with them. As Mo dives through the song, telling the tale of a love gone bad, and how she won't go back to the bad treatment, you can't help but want to be there to comfort her. "Sorry My Friend" is a pop-ska track, heavily leading on the pop side. The upbeat helps you with your dance, while the hooks and easy flowing nature of the song will get you singing along within minutes. The verses find you dancing, while the chorus will get you to jump up and down with a smile on your face, while you sing along. "Lies" is the type of song that will climb up the charts once it is released. Poppy and soft enough for VH-1, and enough ska and angst to get it on MTV, this song is a winner. Monique's voice is beautiful and elegant, warming your soul and making you feel comfortable inside and out. Lay back and just gaze at the stars while you listen to this song. Think of all the beauty in life and forget your problems. The horns drive right to your heart, and turn everything in sight to gold. All you feel is love. The soft upbeat on the guitar keeps it danceable, while the hooks drag you in and make you feel secure. But this band isn't all broken relationships and lost friendships, they also have a funny side. Without a funny side they'd be just another angst filled band without the screaming rage on the guitar. "Spam", originally off their EP, is a ska-pop song that will get you singing along with a big smile on your face. The upbeat is so tantalizing, you'll jump right on it, skanking across the room singing, "Spam it's pink and it's oval/I buy it at the Mobil/Spam, it's made in Chernobyl". After hearing this song, you'll forget about any of your prejudices against SPAM and just want to bight into a big chunk of SPAM. And for all the kids who could never get into an over 21 show, Save Ferris doesn't forget you. They might be 2-3 years older now, but they still now how it feels to be denied the concert of the month, just because of your age. "Under 21" mixes rock n' roll with their poppy-ska beats. Hard hitting drums beat out the frustration of not being old enough for a free show, while the guitar keeps your feet movin', letting you forget for just one minute about your age. The bass slams through the song, remembering the frustration the song's topic deals with. Near the end the guitar jumps from ska to rock n' roll on the guitar, giving the song a good kick in the butt and keeping things lively. "Everything I Want To Be" is a great end to a fabulous CD. The chorus will get you hooked on the song, while the horns will drive through the speakers and keep you attentive. But the driving force behind the song is Monique and her vocals. All the happiness, sorrow, and angst is portrayed perfectly in her very versatile vocal style.

If you haven't heard this band yet, check them out. This CD is filled with pop hooks, danceable ska rhythms, and the occasional swing beat. I highly recommend you pick this CD up! An A+ job from one of the hottest up and coming bands!

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