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July 14, 2024

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Royal Crown Revue
Caught In The Act (LIVE!) (Surfdog Records)

By: Alex Steininger

One of the leading bands in the swing revival today is Royal Crown Revue. They were here before the revival, and they'll be here after the revival. Playing a classic mix of 40's swing, jazz, with a 90's kick in the butt, these guys give 120% at whatever they do. And it comes across clear as day in their music. If there is one thing you'll ever get out of their music, its fun! And on their new live CD, "Caught In The Act", a good time is what you'll get.

"Barflies At The Beach" kicks off the music. Appearing in its studio version on the "M.O.M. II-A Benefit For The Surfrider Foundation" compilation, they play it enthusiastic live. The horns shout out for attention, drawing you in with strong horn lines, and then warming your body with their immense heat. The drums get your toes tapping, while the whole band keeps you swingin' through out this number. The vocals add a tremendous flare to the lyrics. The songs content is about having fun at the beach, and after listening to this song you'll crave a trip to the beach. The passion they have for great swing beats and relaxing lounges at the beach will instantly rub off on you. "Something's Gotta Give" is a loungy-swing number reminiscent of the swingin' clubs you might find in the 40's. Its presence will take you back to the days when times are carefree and enjoyable, while still keeping you in a 90's mindset. The music may have originated a long time ago, but don't think they are a nostalgic act. These guys put a nice spin on the music, keeping it updated and parallel to current times. "Honey Child" has mellow horns that spice up the music, while the drums tap throughout the number, giving everything a gentle touch. The vocals, as always, carry the song throughout a river of hopes, dreams, and most of all, fun. Everything is smooth and calm, yet energetic. "Hey Pachuco!" is an up tempo number sure to get your feet movin' on the dance floor. Eventually you'll burn up the dance floor, and need a partner to share the good times with. You quickly grab someone and crazily swing them around the dance floor with a huge smile on your face. The horns are the key to your drive, movin' you through fast times and through slower times. The drums keep your feet on track, while the bass thumps along keeping everything tight. The guitar is soft and breezy, ensuring that you swing the night away with a smile on your face. Soon a horn solo comes on, and the crowd goes wild. You can tell the guys at this show were one lucky crowd. "Datin' With No Dough" appears on their Warner Bros. release, Mugzy's Move. But here, you get to hear it live. All the passion and energy that's on 'Mugzy's Move" is multiplied by ten here. The horns are as crazy as ever, blasting through your mind and focusing your ears on them, while the vocals ensure a good time with their smooth stories of life. "Poppity Pop Goes The Motorcycle" ends the CD. A lot of you will recognize parts of this song, including blaring horns capturing themes like "The Brady Bunch", and "The Flinstones". Other parts of the song draw portions from the composition "Lester Leaps In". The horns are as bright and heartfelt as always, carrying the song to the plateau its on. The drums beat ferociously through the song, giving it that extra kick it needs to end a show in true Royal Crown Revue fashion.

if you haven't seen Royal Crown Revue live, you don't know what your missing. This band can swing up a storm, creating mass amounts of fun for its listeners. But now there is a solution to all those that can't make it to one of their live shows, get the home version on CD! The CD packs all the energy, intensity, and fun of the live show, as well as the music! Grab a partner and swing to the nearest record store and pick this CD up. Once you do, you won't be putting it down for a very long time. You'll have that much fun! An A+ job from this amazing band!

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