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June 21, 2024

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Royal Crown Revue
Mugzy's Move (Warner Bros. Records)

By: Alex Steininger

"Mystery, thrills and hard-boiled swing!" is written across the top of the CD booklet, and it couldn't be closer to the truth. The Warner Bros. media information sheet describes them as "gangster-punk-swing." To me, though, there just pure, sweet swing at it's best.

The CD starts off with "Hey Pachuco!" Sweet vocals, a magnificent horn section, and beautiful drumming (among other things) will get your body swinging to the move. Right when "Hey Pachuco!" kicks off you'll want to grab a partner and start swinging. The horns themselves are as bright as the bands future, and the horns will fill your body full of energy. Next up, "Zip Gun Bop" brings on the 40's gangster touch the media sheet talked about. A quick intro that will remind you of a gangster you have seen in so many movies, and then they jump into their swinging sounds. The horns are as sweet as sugar baby! If you weren't moving after the first track, you will be now! Momentary pauses in the song as some more "gangster-like" vocals come in, and you'll be blasted to the past. Although their music is reminiscent of the great 40's swing, there's no feeling of outdated music here! Each beat on the drum, every riff played on the guitar, and every ticking bass line is sure to set your body into a full swingin' frenzy. "The Walkin' Blues" bring you some more soulful swing. The music is perfect to sit back and relax too, or you can grab that partner and swing. Either way, your body will absorb the music and make you shake with excitement. "Trouble in Tinsel Town" delivers on their promise of "mystery, thrills, and hard-boiled swing!" When you listen to this album you'll be reminded of a late-night cocktail party on Television. The band plays on, while the guy tries to seduce the girl. Soon thereafter they end up at a crabs table, counting their winnings. Not only will this bring out a fantasy in your mind, but it will bring out love in your heart. You'll be feeling nothing but happiness while you listen to this album. "Honey Child" starts out with some juicy horns, and when the vocalist says "sometimes your love is like honey" you'll feel a sweet sensation run through your body as his voice warms your soul. The CD ends on track thirteen with a reprise of "Hey Pachuco!"

As Rolf Meyersohn and Elihu Katz once said, "Fads are not born, but rediscovered," it seems swing is back with a bite! And leading the way is Royal Crown Revue. Put on those wing-tipped shoes and zuit suits, because Royal Crown Revue gives you the swing you demand. Although the fire is just warming up now, look for swing to hit the media with a bang in a few years. And remember the name Royal Crown Revue. This CD deserves an A!

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