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July 14, 2024

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Reel Big Fish
Turn the Radio Off (Mojo Records)

By: Alex Steininger

In the grand tradition of great music like Goldfinger, MOJO Records hit's it big with the next big ska band! Reel Big Fish!

Reel Big Fish is a seven piece band that combines great ska rhythm with a punk undertone, and lyrics that almost anyone can relate too! Catchy horns, drums that get your feet tapping out the beat, and guitar riffs that get you moving! That's right, when you listen to Reel Big Fish, you just don't sit there! NO sir! You jump up around, skanking all around your house!

"Turn the Radio Off" starts off with a song about not wanting to work in fast food all your life, and selling out to make money! The song, "Sell Out" sets the stage for fourteen equally good tracks! Hard hitting drums and a melody of horns start the song off! Then track two contains more lyrics people can relate too. The chorus goes like this: It's not so bad being trendy/everyone that looks like me is my friend/please don't hate me because I am trendy/they're not going laugh at me again! You think in your mind, I know this person! Then track three comes on! It starts off very soft. Aaron (the lead singer) is practically whispering. Then the melody kicks in! Then track four comes in. "She Has A Girlfriend Now." A funny song about a guy who losses a girl, because she changed her sexual preference. By the end of the song he is offering to cut his penis off for her! By this time you are rolling on the floor laughing. Then of course, you listen to the song again, and you hear a semi-serious tone to it! But it is very light. It still comes across as a funny song! Then more great songs role on. Then their first single off the album, "Everything Sucks," comes on! Half-way through the song you are singing along with it! Then two songs pass, and track eleven comes on. My personal favorite. "All I want is More," comes on! A love song in it's own way! There are also four more tracks after this, for a total of 15 tracks! Plus a hidden track.

Sixteen tracks in all, this album is definitely a keeper! The first time I put in the tape, I had only heard two songs prior to listening it. The first song came on (one I had never heard before) and by the middle of the song I was dancing in my basement trying my hardest to sing along! But eventually I realized they did a better version of their song, so I just kept dancing and listening to the tape! By song three I was tired from dancing, so I sat on the couch...but that didn't last long! The tape was so great I just wanted to get up and move with it!

I listened to the tape several times after that! Because, after the first time you listen the tape you are hooked! Pretty soon you will start crying for your fix of Reel Big Fish! What I am getting at is, this is a kick-ass album! Probably one of the top ten of 1996! I would definitely give this album an A+ (just wish I could give it a higher rating...but that is as high as it goes!) This album is a keeper, so go to your local store and pick up a copy!

Also, if you want to find out more about the band you can visit their web page @ And if you want to get in touch with them you can e-mail them at: [email protected] (or e-mail them from the link at their web site!)

Reel Big Fish is:
Aaron Barrett-Vocals & Guitar
Grant Barry-Trombone
Andrew Gonzales-Drums
Scott Klopfenstein-Trumpet & Vocals
Dan Regan-Trombone
Tavis Werts-Trumpet
Matt Wong-Bass

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