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June 15, 2024

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Jeffries Fan Club
Feelin' Sorry...For All The Hearts We've Broken (Vegas Records)

By: Alex Steininger

As it says on the cover of the CD booklet "ska-pop-rockabilly," and that's exactly what Jeffries Fan Club is. Through into that a lot of humor and that about sums up Jeffries Fan Club to a tee.

The CD starts out with a "Goodbye Theme." The starting has lots of horns, and then the vocals come in. Heavy ska guitar and the occasional horns light up the night, while the vocals spit out lyrics about telling a friend to stay far away from them. The drums keep the beat with precision, and the bass pulls everything together and throws a mountain of power your way. And when the chorus hits their pop side is thrown at you like a bolt of lightning. From the first beat of this song to the last your hooked. "Milk" gives you a great taste of the humor that JFC is all about! Lyrics like, "I went to a high school party/all the girls had beer in their hand/they said I could have whatever I wanted/I said thank you ma'am/I did not understand why they all began to laugh/when they saw what it was I wanted/an ice cold glass of milk," make you crack a smile at the least, and soon you'll be rolling on the floor laughing hysterically. Combine hilarious lyrics like this to some catchy ska riffs, powerful horns, tight bass, drums, and throw in some addictive pop beats and you'll be in paradise. "Another Love Story" throws some more hilarious words your way. It starts out with some great bass, and then pulls the whole band together. The horns are mighty and elegant, and soon the vocals enter and tell the story of a friend who fell in love with a "fat" girl. Some of the lyrics are not the most politically correct, and might offend some people, but with hooks like these and music that will get your body jumping you eventually see that these guys are just fun loving guys not out to hurt anyone. "I Must Be Stupid" starts out with some calm voice and piano work, and then thick guitars and the mighty horns enter. Soon the whole band jumps together and soothes your souls with some great tunes. Now the vocals come on. They give off a sense of comfort and doubt all at the same time while they are telling their own story of a love that never was. In the tradition JFC has set for themselves, they end the CD with brilliant humor. "12" takes an issue that has been dealt with on such shows as "Montel" and "Jerry Springer." That issue is an older man with a younger girl. "I know she's only 12/I can't get anyone else/I know she's only 12/but she looks 13," is how the chorus goes. This is the first song that grabbed me by the ears and hooked me by JFC (also on the O.C. punk .vs. ska comp.) A bright horn section that adds a sweet touch to the music, fast ska guitar that will you dancing in no time, and drums working over time are common throughout this song (and all the songs for that matter.) Add to that the addictive pop chorus structure, and there's no turning back. You too will be hooked like a fish on a wire.

"Everybody needs a little JFC," as it says on the CD tray insert, adds a touch of both humor and truth to an already fabulous package. If everyone could hear this album, maybe everyone wouldn't be so depresses all the time. The addictive nature in which every JFC song stands on is also a drawback on this album. After only ten tracks, your left wanting more. Sure, the repeat button does nicely for some time, but you can't help but want more of their well-crafted ska-pop-rockabilly songs. One thing is for sure, these guys are quite addictive, so don't attempt to listen to them for a first time if you just plan on sitting through one song and then jetting out the door. No sir, you'll never make it to the door. You'll want more, and more! I can only give this CD an A-. With only ten tracks, I was left hungry.

To order this CD please send $10ppd. to:
Vegas Records
PO Box 2175
Newport Beach, CA 92659

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