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April 13, 2024

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Nerf Herder
Nerf Herder (Arista Records)

By: Alex Steininger

You've probably heard this pop-comedians on the radio with their smash hit "Van Halen." Their tale of how they want to remember "Van Halen," in their Diamond Dave era, not on the Sammy Hagar and beyond years. You may call it pop, you may call it pop-punk. Whatever you call it, it mixes catchy beats with funny lyrics. Take a break from those serious lyrics. Life is too serious, you need a vacation sometimes. And this CD will give it to you!

The CD starts off with "Down on Haley." A very melodic pop tune with chunky bass lines that will make you fall in love after the first listen. The drums work overtime pounding those skins as hard as they can. And the vocals are nicely composed. Very elegant vocals, which play off the music as much as the music plays off of them. Track two, "Golfshirt," does the thing I love! The bass and drums play together with no guitar, and the vocals go off with the music. It gets the words across so much more powerful than with the roar of the guitar. But these words aren't powerful in deep thoughts, they are lined with humor. And humor is very powerful. "Easy Mark," kicks it off with bass. This album is very bass heavy, and I love it. The chunky guitars with all their hooks, the heavy bass lines, and the pounding of the drums are a crowd pleaser, and then some. You don't get much classier than this. Humorous lyrics, and songs that get stuck in your head. Track five, "Van Halen," is the radio hit itself. If you like this song, you'll love the rest of the album. Each track has it's own identity, and is just as humorous and catchy. Track seven, "Nosering Girl," starts it off with very soft guitar, mellow drums, and a steady bass beat. And then the vocals enter telling a story of a girl he met. When you calm the music down and sing the lyrics, sometimes the words come across that much more. And he continues to tell the story of how she thought he was a freak, and how much he wants her. It's a soft pop-punk song. I think that's the best way to describe it. And even in the chorus the song doesn't get that rambunctious. The CD ends with "I Only Eat Candy." What kind of food would you think would fuel these creative minds? I think I came up with a new description of this band. Sugar-loaded punk with a cola core to it. Sugar-Soda Core? Anyway you describe these guys, one thing is for sure--these guys know how to rock your world with their funny lyrics and VERY catchy songs!

If you only do yourself one favor this year, go pick up this album! A definite A! Almost bordering on an A+ score. The only thing that's holding it back is it's strength--comedy. The rest should I saw is sweet down to the last gummy bear, or whatever candy item your eating while listening to this album.

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