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December 3, 2023

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Fitz of Depression
Swing (K Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Fitz of Depression is back with another CD entitled, "Swing." Fast, furious punk rock, just like in the past. These three boys churn out some great drum beats, grasping bass lines, and some hard as rock guitar chords. With a combination like this from the Olympia trio, where can you go wrong?

Track one is a fast paced punk rock instrumental. I am not that much into instrumentals, but I can sit there and listen to them, if they are jazz instrumentals, but punk rock instrumentals, NO! The next track is "My Good Name." Fast and loud, Fitz of Depression wouldn't have it any other way. Next we move onto "Form A Line." The vocals seem like there is something in this guys mouth, like he is singing while drinking a glass of water. But the music in the background is great. A great beat that you will want to dive into and never leave. Track four starts off with a fast, upbeat bass line. Right there, you know the song is a keeper! Then the vocals and all the other instruments enter, and there is no going back. "No Movie Tonight" is the track, and already, it has swallowed you whole. We move onto track five. A single beat on the drums, then the song dives right into a fast guitar. Now enter all the other instruments and you have a classic in the making. Track six passes, and up know is "She Wants to Know." A mellower song compared to the rest. My personal favorite on the album. Softer, but still good, compared to the other loud and fast songs. Twelve songs in all, which means twenty seven minutes of non-stop Fitz all night long!

These boys never stop amazing. If you haven't already gotten this CD, go out and get it today! If you haven't heard Fitz of Depression and are into punk music, check them out! I would give this CD an A- overall. At some points the vocals sound like he is singing with his mouth full, and that can never be taken as an advantage!

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