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Sean Croghan - From Burnt Orange To Midnight Blue
1. Gweneveire
2. Cupid's Credit Card [mp3]
3. Friday's Face In Sunday's Suit [mp3]
4. Tom R.
5. Little Miss Whiplash [mp3]
6. John McConnell's Ghost
7. Space Room
8. It's Gonna Be Alright
9. Otis Tolstoy

From Burnt Orange to Midnight 

Review of From Burnt Orange To Midnight Blue.
Sean Croghan
From Burnt Orange To Midnight Blue

Buy this CD at A dark, smoky club, the stench of alcohol, and beer spilled everywhere. Sticky floors and a noisy crowd make you wish were at home. That is, until Sean Croghan hits the stage.

The mood quickly changes from drunk and tired to shattering as Croghan's oft-desolate approach to angst and fear shakes you awake with picturesque lines easily relatable to anyone that's ever lived with self-doubt, confusion, or pain.

Beautiful confessionals open Sean Croghan and his songs up to the listener, as they attentively feel each note and await the ending of the story.

Sean Croghan is not about gloom though, as his live shows attest to. Playing more like a mix of Abbott and Elvis Costello or the sad clown smiling with a glass of whiskey in his hand, Croghan's live show has been known to incorporate spit takes, trip falls, and a wide assortment of engaging activities that further adorn the music.

Sean Croghan has been a staple on the Northwest Music Scene since the late 80's with his hard-hitting, chaotic punk band Crackerbash and then with his much-beloved power-pop quartet Jr. High (both on eMpTy Records).

Fans of Crackerbash and Jr. High will find Croghan's debut solo album quite compelling. Re-affirming himself as both a strong songwriter and a top-notch performer, From Burnt Orange To Midnight Blue mixes a combination of unsettling singer-songwriter piano songs ("Space Room" and "Tom R.") with catchy pop ("Friday's Face in Sunday's Suit" and "Gweneviere"), while opening up the music to soul ("Otis Tolstoy") and combustible rock ("It's Gonna Be Alright").

Special guests Martyn Leaper and Rebecca Cole (the duo behind SpinArt's The Minders), Paul Pulvirenti (ex-Jr. High, No. 2), Luther Russell (ex-Freewheelers), and Larry Crane on bass help round out the album with a full-band feel.

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