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The fierce New York quartet Suffrajett "rip feckless exes over righteous hairspray-torch riffs", says Spin Magazine.

Comprised of former Liz Phair co-songwriter/co-producer Jason Chasko on guitar, front woman Simi on vocals and violin, Kevin Roberts (ex. Elysian Fields) on bass, and Scott Freeman (ex. Sullen) on guitar, the Lower East Side grit-garage-melodic-rock of Suffrajett blasts from their self-titled debut.

When asked to describe what the band sounds like, Simi gets a big smile on her face and says, "I feel like its just raw rock n' roll."

Raw, unpretentious, real, pure, and rock 'n' roll it is.

"Suffrajett" is a collection of twelve nasty, pull-no-punches rock songs that will prove to withstand the test of time. Whereas some of their associates are beaming with "Flavor of the Month" kudos coming their way, Suffrajett ignores the hot air infusion and simply concentrates on creating great rock songs that will make you want to fight, love, scream, cry, jump, run, and sing-along.

"There will always be bands that get attention because of being in the right spot at the right time," says Chasko. "Those bands, however, don't have a chance at any longevity. I think our band has that timeless quality. You can take any track on our record and produce it and put it out ten years from now and I think it will hold up."

Chasko knows what he is talking about. Having worked on highly-produced records for major labels, as well as great songs that didn't have the big studio budget, he knows a great song when he hears one.

In true rock 'n' roll spirit, Suffrajett entered a studio that would ensure their songs were heard in perfect form: free of clutter or over production, allowing the songs to live and breath as they were meant to be heard. And proving that at the core of each Suffrajett song is just that - a song, not studio techniques or tricks and gimmicks to take the listener's mind off the fact there are no songs.

Recording the self-titled album in a Manhattan Mini Storage, the band would "hole up in there for days," recalls Simi. "We were the only people on the floor and our playing would just echo across the space. There was no other music going on in there, so it felt like we were in our own little world."

The results speak volumes. Listen to "Suffrajett" and see if you don't agree. From the tearing open line "I want to let you know that you're acting like an asshole" ("Love Me More"). Through the equally fierce and melodic "The Drugs", to the gritty pull of "Sorrow", or the crashing power of "Between You and Me", Suffrajett never lets up, taking the listener on an intense, memorable journey.

The origins of the band are as pure and real as the band's songs. After dissolving his partnership with Liz Phair (Chasko co-produced and co-wrote Whitechocolatespaceegg), Chasko left Chicago and moved to New York.

Once in New York, he began working on his own music. Through a mutual friend he met Simi, and started playing in her band. Unhappy with the other musicians' motivation, dedication, and abilities, Chasko convinced Simi they should start a new band and do a record together.

The duo began working on writing and recording together, Chasko handling all the instruments on the record, Simi handling all the vocals.

After recording the record, the band bounced around a few different names before settling on Suffrajett. They then sought the right members to complete their line-up and solidify the band.

Enter former Elysian Fields bassist Kevin Roberts, a then-bartender at Arlene's Grocery, a New York-based rock club. Chasko and Simi instantly hit it off with Roberts and he soon earned the role as the band's bass player.

After working with numerous drummers, Scott Freeman, a former member of the St. Louis-based rock band Sullen, who was a fan of the band, heard they were auditioning drummers and packed his bags for New York. Chasko, Simi, and Roberts knew he was the right man for the job after hearing Sullen's album and then seeing him live. He was the man they were looking for.

With the line-up complete, the band is currently hitting the road, touring as much (and as often) as they can in support of the self-titled debut.

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