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June 22, 2024

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Velvet Acid Christ
Between The Eyes Vol. 1 - Singles/Rare B-Sides 1996-2000 (Metropolis Records)

By: Jett Black

VAC (Bryan Erickson) returns with another great release featuring many previous hits and this time also including several aggressive re-mixes. The arrangement of these 13 tracks exhibit thematic cohesion and the integrity of a well-planned full length album. Extended versions such as "We Have To See, We Have To Know", plus versions previously unreleased in the USA, collectively combine to make this a most coveted anthology reflective of the Calling of the Dead era. New fans of VAC as well as seasoned veterans will enjoy this follow-up, chasing the heels of "Hex Angel". Permeating throughout the album, and most characteristic of VAC recordings in general, a plethora of samples snatched from surprising locations, perfectly fit the sonic wizardry unleashed by Erickson. I particularly enjoy the connections between the first two tracks, "Futile (Nazi Bastard)" and "Disflux (Feedback)" which incorporate a multitude of vox samples from Star Trek Next Generation episodes in which Captain Picard becomes assimilated into the Borg. For many fans, VAC represents the American equivalent of the legendary :wumpscut: with a tendency to focus mostly on abuses of power by authorities of established social government, particularly in reference to brainwashing of the population. Politics aside, VAC devastates dance floors across the planet, as any reputable DJ may (or may not) attest to under torturous interrogation.
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