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July 13, 2024

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regeneratedX (Archetype Multimedia)

By: Jett Black


REGENERATOR hits the ground like a nuclear-powered Sonic the Hedgehog. PLAY IT LOUD! (There is volume control. There is only LOUD!) 16 AWESOME tracks remixed by 16 EBM Dance Masters.

{BLINK}(remixed by RAZED IN BLACK) Patrice Synthea oscillates between the angelic melody that coaxes your conscious and angelic alarmist that compels your soul to fight or flight with piercing sirens penetrating all. (137 bpm)

{TAKE ME} (remixed by Assemblage 23) Put your hands together. Move your arms and legs and dance. I dare you to stand still. Synthea will TAKE you into the ZONE! Remember the voice of that girl who loved you once more than you deserved? Now she speaks softly, comfortingly, begging for your attention. And then screams "TAKE ME!" At 138 bpm, Wrap it up! I'll take it.

{EVERYONE FOLLOW} (remixed by FRONT 242) Intoxicating like a tall bottle of vodka on an uncontrolled collision course with your mind! Kick on the sweat machine! It is time to groove! (133 bpm)

{FAITH} (remixed by OBSERVE & CONTROL) Starts out more airy and softer than the previous three songs. Inject a "lack of faith" vocal bit from Darth Vadar, and then say good-bye to the relaxation portion of our program! At 140 bpm, you'll need intravenus injections of RED BULL to survive this one! Follow the vox of Synthea. She will pull you through to the bitter end.

{ONE CHANCE} (remixed by koito) Taking it down a notch to 118 bpm, "One Chance" refrains a bit upon "Faith" in vocal themes, electro mixing with laser light and strobes the very effects that keep your body feeling loopy.

{ARCHETYPE} (remixed by BIGOD 20) The namesake for the label promoting this release, "Archetype" pulls a haunting twist on the roadway, skidding against the rocks, hugging against the curves to unleash the vox of WREX MOCK. Mutilated dreams splinter and shatter through the mind as WREX illustrates the road map of this journey into madness at 120 bpm.

{LIGHTBRINGER} (remixed by CLAN of XYMOX) Bring on the chant that only COX could engender. Raise up your soul. Breathe freely from your lungs. The story and the beat, inescapable. You will be consumed. Resistence is futile. A casual homicide with the bpm set @ just 99.

{ORGANISM} (remixed by LIGHTS of EUPHORIA) Stand Back! Your are NOT ready for this! Lights of Euphoria, sorcerors of dance, prepare the dance floor for only the pure at heart. If you can't stand the beat, then stay off the dance floor! This mix is complex and marvelously enchanting. Upon hearing this mix at 144 bpm, you will immediately seek the LIGHTS of EUPHORIA!

{SHORES of FOREVER} (remixed by EPSILON MINUS) Not to be OUTDONE by anyone, EPSILON MINUS kick the motion of this scintillating mix up to 150 bpm! Dubbed thee "Hurricane Mix", this one will have you sweating torrents onto the dance floor.

{GOD IS ON MY SIDE} (remixed by Dust of Basement) More of a conversational approach takes this one immediately into a mesmerising encantation tempting the fates to take notice. Screaming in at 140 bpm, vocal harmonies with the most seductive male vox on this album will have this writer songing this song endlessly thru the daily traffic jams of many weeks and months to come.

{DRUG} (remixed by PURR MACHINE) Ghostly like Pink Floyd dialing up the future of modern dance, PURR MACHINE pours on the sex, weaves in the sins of the flesh, and sucks the marrow from the bone! Ripping guitar FX generate an intense race to the finish. At just 130 bpm, "Does it feel good?"

{WIRKLISHKEIT} (remixed by VULTURES) Awesome! Maor Applebaum, direct from Israel (now with VULTURES) contributes to this krytpic sonic nightmare! Fasten Your Safety Belts! This brief ride will challenge your worst rollar coaster ride memories. Jarring the vox fx like a maniac at just 101 bpm.

The remaining four tracks are remixes of "FAITH" (by SD6), "ONE CHANCE" (by COLLIDE), "ARCHETYPE" (by ATTRITION), and "LIGHT BRINGER" (by DIVIDER).

DIVIDER closes this album with the "enlightenment remix" to "LIGHTBRINGER", a non-vox anthem, a most celestial tribute.

ATTRITION spins the pulsating beats into a frenzy, punctuating "ARCHETYPE" with the "repentence mix" at 123 bpm.

COLLIDE flips the dance floor on its ear with an "After Death mix" of "ONE CHANCE"... at once both decadent in the bump and grind department, and excellent in the Statik reverberation department. Holding out for dessert after dinner, COLLIDE swallows 118 bpm with ease.

But wait! The USA version features just 1/2 the production of the EUROPEAN version!


1 DISK, 16 TRACKS, 79.5 MIN

The EUROPEAN version features TWO (2) Discs and 28 (twenty-eight) Tracks!!

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