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July 18, 2024

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Morton's List
The End To Boredom

By: Robert R. Yates

In the modern day of sitting on your lazy ass and playing computer games, and the cult following of Role Playing Games, comes the first Reality game where you are the actually pieces of the game and the world is your playing field.

This game is called Morton's List. So you say you have not heard of it yet, that's because it has been banned by one of the biggest game conventions in the world. Here is a letter from the company. Click here: Dark Carnival Games themselves was not banned but Morton's List was. This game was banned because they felt any game, which encourages the participants to engage in vigilantism, real life spell casting, and to experiment with potentially illegal substances does not fit with in the scope of their family oriented event. But don't worry you can order Morton's List from

If you're bored and ready for anything, Morton's List will expand your concept of fun by randomly giving you one of 360, unique, fun Quests; to do for the next hour. It could be anything. From normal stuff like playing pool, cruising the strip, going to a strip club, weightlifting, skating, painting, bonfires, and more to giving each other psychological tests, digging for lost artifacts, exploring a graveyard, inventing new drinks, playing adult party games, spreading your own homemade propaganda, burning things, peeping people, sneaking into private events, sabotage, seances, Wiccan magic - the possibilities are limitless. And that's not even mentioning the possibility of doing any of the above activities while wearing costumes, handcuffed to each other, forced to tell only the truth (or always lie), pretending to have a disease/injury,while drunk, with foreign accents, etc. Things can get pretty crazy pretty quick. But no matter what, you'll end up with real life experiences to remember and talk about for years to come. Morton's List isn't a simple diversion or any normal type of game. It is the first and only game that gives you real life fun.

Imagine wearing costumes while sneaking into a community pool after hours, playing a board game at a strip club, or summoning the spirits of the dead.... There is no typical play session with Morton's List because the possibilities are limitless. Cruising, Tarot, chemical experiments, pool, underground parties, skating, you name it. Its there. What about booty calls, drinking games, backyard death-match wrestling, making pornographic movies, and potentially dangerous pranks you ask? See for yourself.

Play begins when a group of friends comes together and agrees to let Morton's List give them a Quest. Rolling a special 30-sided die, called the Morton Boulder, reveals this quest. The many Quests are arranged by general theme. There are 13 different themes, including chaotic, social, physical, spiritual, good, and evil.

For example, lets say they roll Neighborhood Patrol on the night time Table. This Quest is about patrolling a neighborhood for lawbreakers. The players need to decide where they are going to patrol, whether to do it by foot, car, bike, etc. Should they split up? Stay together? What kind of equipment should they bring: cell phones to contact the police, or a copy of the citizens arrest procedures (provided in the game) and some restraints to take matters into their own hands? Each Quest can be totally catered to what the players like. The heart of this activity involves patrolling a neighborhood, vigilante style, armed with weapons, first aid kits, etc. Now, the players must decide what area they are going to patrol, whether to do it by foot, car, bike, or whatever. Are they going to split up; stay together? How are they going to communicate, what kind of weapons (if any) will they bring, should they bring cell phones to contact the police, or baseball bats and hockey sticks to deal with criminals themselves? Each activity can be catered to what a group likes or dislikes.

For one group, they could decide to hide in the bushes with cell phones to call the police if anyone jaywalks? another group could drive around a shady neighborhood in a black tinted van, armed to the teeth, and ready to jump out and pounce on the first person they see stealing hubcaps. It really depends on the players involved, and what morals they have. In fact, the only limitations on how far you can take the game are your own morals.

Another example is playing pranks on Children. Example Exert from the book. Pg. 207. One things kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but I drove him to an old burned out warehouse. Oh no I said, Disneyland burned down, he cried and cried but I think that deep down he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive down to the real Disneyland but it started to get too late.

Once things are determined, and the details worked out, the game beings. We have provided for you a detailed description of each activity, packed with details, information, tactics, and resources, all carefully researched.

To spice things up the game has Mutations that put a twist and add a new dimension on game play. For example, one of the mutations involve carrying around an obscure object while you do the activity. Try to imagine you're talking to a girl to get her number, cause its what your activity involves, but at the same time your mutation has you carrying around a box of fruit loops cereal in your hand. Or another mutation could be that you have to wear costumes while you do the activity. Imagine, as in the example above, the night patrol pouring out the back of the van wearing gorilla suits! Check this out: we can't even BEGIN to explain all the MILLIONS of possibilities of what you might be doing when you play this game. You might meet the girl of your dreams. You might end up being locked in jail for a crime you committed. You could have the most exciting night of your life. But no matter what, you will have memories and stories that last a life time, and experiences that will shape you forever. Probably the main hype of the game is that it opens you up to doing so many things that you have never even thought of before. You will experience so many new things that in many ways it will open your eyes to the true wonders of life.

Some aspects of Morton's list have the potential to be dangerous or get someone in trouble, just like any real life situation.Morton's list deals with real life activities, and not unlike real life there can be real life consequences. Morton's list never directly says, "Get yourself into trouble, and carelessly do something dangerous." But some activities can be interpreted to be as risky as players like. For those who live on the edge, Morton's List doesn't put up any safety rails.

So go out and buy Morton's List Today. You will never be bored again, you may spend he night in jail but al least you will not be bored ever again.15

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