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June 22, 2024

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3D House of Beef
Low Cycle (Self Released)

By: Jeb Branin

Without a doubt 3D HOUSE OF BEEF is one of my all time favorite sludge bands. Their noise simply flattens me...they might as well fire up a steamroller and run me over. Their tortured and twisted musical mutations are as violent as they are heavy. Their low end rumbles have been known to jeopardize the seismic stability of any area they play. On "Low Cycle," their third full length CD (counting a remix album), they have trimmed some of the warts and blemishes off their sound, which initially sent up a red flag with me. However, with repeated listens I realized they did it as a way to make their music more direct, more driving and more bleak. I also suspect that having Alex Newport producing played a role in the slightly more pointed sound. One of the things that I like best about 3D HOUSE OF BEEF is that they just don't seem to fit into anyone's comfortable little mold. Like EHG, GRIEF, BURNING WITCH and NOOTHGRUSH they are almost too heavy and metallic for the hardcore kidz to fully appreciate. They are also too non-conformist and too individualistic for the clone loving doom metal masses. Their quirky use of industrial embellishments and their professional demeanor even sets them apart from the norm in the sludge scene. The band seems determined to carve their own niche and define their own parameters, which in the long run, should prove a wise move.
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