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July 12, 2024

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All of this "The Making of a Superstar/boygroup" Shit, Stinking up my Garbagecan Voodoo Machine (w/antenna or cable capabilities), has Caused Me to Write This:
By: Brian Berry Is there any value to the shit we keep placing on each other's plates day in and day out? Do you ever sit down and watch that square breast that ages 0-50 have been nurtured on? I've flicked my nipple from channel 1 to 4003, and wondered "what the fuck am I doing?"- I've Realized that what I am viewing here isn't news, isn't entertainment, but the bloodflow of capitalism that is sustaining our environment/country. I have come to believe that these young poets,rappers, television stars, boybands,girlbands,hairdressers of the stars, E-Entertainment television dancers have no belief in individuality that outlasts personal financial gain and stature within so-called/undefined "pop culture."

Shows that include 15 - 20 year old white/black/purple/latino/asianafricaaustralian kids from Poughkeepsie,Harlem,Redwood, RiverVale, Long Island, Staten Island, Gilligan's Island (point made), Springfield, or D.C. at a "Poetry Awards" show (what?) spouting out what they've been taught what poetry is - a basic style of shouting the empty words of older "pop culture" icons in the dull, loveless,lifeless style of present day "pop culture icons" - make me vomit as if I were holding a toothbrush and standing beside a de-assed doe on the HOV lane of I-95 . Photographer Andrew Newman once said something along the lines of this: "Young artists limit and thus destroy themselves - they choose to re-hash the past to find their future." Strive not to become empty boys and girls, but fill your tank up with some good old fashioned born-with soul - you can't fake being an artist/being creative - when you do, it's just fumes, or for that matter, hot air. Go ask Diane Sawyer or Puff Daddy on channel 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

TELEVISION is some asshole's thoughts shit-stamped together for the consumer's mind and, by watching it, children/adults/pets do not birth and maintain creative thought on their own - the cycle of capitalism-through-meaninglessness-banter continues. Hell, I may be wrong about those assholes - maybe they think that they're helping - they just haven't found out for themselves that the shit cycle of mass stupidity is being supported by their incessant head-down pedalling. Folks, I've disconnected my television - yet my girlfriend will be home later to reconnect it and flick her nipple until she realizes "what the fuck am I doing?" too.

I bought my niece a book - she' s 2- and I expect her to read it one day - maybe, I hope, she'll pick it up before the bowtied,perfumed robots in grade school get ahold of her brain and mold it to their liking. People think this book gift is strange. Why give a child, 2 years old, a book? Why not? For the fact that she will, for godsake no!, have clear creative thought that could lead to vast freeminded capabilities that could change the world I have so half assed afformentioned for sake of space, truth, and redundancy? It's what's cool and not cool, right for a child and not right for a child that matters according to the crowd. That's the matter at hands while America, and soon the world, chomps on their whitebread and McDonald's Big Extras while TELEVISION and "pop culture" raises their kids to be the murderers of the free spirit within those around them only after they perform the suicide of their very own. What else do they know? Those raised by the beast...

All of this because of ABC...Regis...NSync...

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