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July 22, 2024

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Forca Macabra/Armagedom
Split CD (Six Weeks)

By: Jeb Branin

This CD is a bona fide treasure. FORCA MACABRA are a Finnish band who sing in Portugese because they are such rabid fans of the Brazilian hardcore scene. They recently unearthed five never before released tunes by ARMAGEDOM, the largely unheralded but highly influential Brazilian crossover act. FORCA MACABRA was able to get permission to release the ARMAGEDOM tracks as a split release and this teeth rattling gem of a CD is the result. FORCA MACABRA pummel the senses with nine new tracks of their tinnitis inducing metal- core. Speed, aggression and a metallic sense of heaviness are trademarks of each tune. Y'know that Finnish hardcore is usually thicker and more painful than molten slag being poured down your gullet and this is no exception. The ARMAGEDOM tracks definitely sound dated both in presentation and production but that is far from the point. The point is, instead, that in the mid and late eighties there were bands playing a metal and hardcore crossover that was every bit as intense, heavy and potent as bands produce today. Imagine taking the metallic sense of noisy thrash metal (ala DESTRUCTION or even SLAYER) and presenting it with a vibe that was more hardcore than metal and you will have a sense of where ARMAGEDOM are coming from. It is a crime that this is the first time that these tracks are being released. Hopefully extreme music has come full circle enough that today's fans can recognize yesterday's brilliance when they hear it!
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