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July 14, 2024

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Redneck Greece Delux
Good Eatin' (SMBT Records)

By: Gary "Pig" Gold

Here's one slimy, mosquito-ridden BBQ of a CD from outta the swamps of Georgia that's positively low-down, dirty and fun-lovingly gin-soaked in all the tastiest of ways. Sorta like if Creedence had had a baby with its first cousin, say.

Never once afraid to wear their pedigree ("Snotty Nosed Kids In A Trailer Park") where their sleeves once were, Greece & Co. wrassle and generally wreak musical havoc on just about everything they torch on this disc: whether it be in the holy service of their Lord ("Jesus Was A Rebel") or in the quest of more, uhh, secular pursuits ("Puddin' Tane" - say it three times in a row - FAST), these guys proudly produce precisely the kind of politically and socially incorrect, saddle-in-your-face racket even the most alternative of alt-country folk would no doubt flee from in a Nashville second, but y'know? I just know Merle or Willie (not to mention the sorrowfully-long-lost Patrick Sky!) would get this brand of Good Eatin' right away.

That said, then Why Don't You?

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