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July 23, 2024

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INTERVIEW: Videodrone
Ty Elam -- Videodrone front man (Reprise/Elementree Records)

By: Chris Paules

After 10 gruelling years under the moniker Cradle Of Thorns, Videodrone has taken a new direction in music, a new name, a new label, and a new tour with Korn. Their new album blends elements of Industrial, Hip Hop, Pop, and Metal into a collage of noise that all comes together under the Videodrone name. Being only the second band signed to Korn's Reprise distributed label Elementree, they have their eyes set on going all the way to the top with their new album and tour. In Music We Trust was lucky enough to share a few moments with Videodrone front man Ty Elam.

In Music We Trust: First off, what and who is Videodrone?

Ty Elam: Uhhm, we are of the future! We're this band from Bakersfield who after 10 years, is finally getting it's dues! After years of working it has started to pay.

IMWT: 10 years?

Ty: Most marriages don't last that long!

IMWT: You are from Bakersfield?

Ty: Bakersfield, California. Like between LA and San Francisco.

IMWT: What goes into your live show?

Ty: Raw energy, at this point we're doing it bare naked, without any gimmicks. We have a backdrop, but that's about it.

IMWT: How does it feel to be playing venues with almost triple the capacity that you usually play?

Ty: Fuck, I can't even explain it. When we go on there is at least 3000-5000 people. Kids are getting into it, jumping around. We did some huge shows when we were Cradle Of Thorns, but nothing like this.

IMWT: Where do you think Videodrone is going in the coming months/ years?

Ty: Up. I think we are gonna become very successful. It's a mindset. If you set that goal, it's there... it's being handed to us. With Korn being involved it's nothing but help. They are definitely an inspiration.

IMWT: Any thoughts on this whole Y2K thing?

Ty: I think it's like a conspiracy situation. It's all some gimmick. Somebody has got to cash in. I'm not worried about what the computer does, I'm worried about what the person does with it. It's all about somebody buying in on something. Like their always trying to keep us paranoid... sort of like the whole communist thing.

IMWT: Who and what has influenced you over the years?

Ty: For me, it's life experience. Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Disposable Heroes of Hipocrasy... now, Spearhead, Consolidated. Our keyboard player (Rohan) is a full on science fiction buff. I'm more into horror, a little plot and lots of shower scenes.

IMWT: How does it finally feel to be in the majors after those years on Triple X?

Ty: People take our calls. On Triple X we toured in this little church van. We were on the road trying to make money for us and them. When we toured with Korn they only gave us money for like 40 shirts, and they sold out on the first night. We finally have some cheerleaders on our side.

IMWT: Any big plans for 1999?

Ty: I'm going to Disneyland! I'm gonna spend it in LA. I think LA has a lot of stuff brewing, like the whole end of the world thing. Not like computer stuff, but like mass chaos.

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