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May 17, 2024

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Free Verse
Access Denied (Brain Floss Records -- 1015 N. Kings Rd. #313, LA, CA 90060)

By: Jeb Branin

Woa. FREE VERSE are a pissed trio whose social and political commentary is almost as aggressive as their music. Their female -fury-core ala BIKINI KILL and SPITBOY is both engaging and intense. Musically they alternate between brash and beautiful. One minute they are harsh and grating the next melodic and restrained. The contrast serves a two fold purpose. It keeps the music interesting by providing a wide reaching appeal and it serves as a metaphor for the band's message which uses esoteric lyrical imagery to paint a brutal picture of horrific sexual dominance. Not a picture from the perspective of the dominator ala some cock rock band, but a picture courtesy of one who has been abused and mistreated. The lyrics are shocking in their effectiveness to recreate scenes of unfathomable human misogyny and arrogance. There is almost no hope in the music of FREE VERSE. Instead it is a vehicle for the release of a victim's anger and hatred. The music may be (at times) post-punk but the lyrics are 100% hardcore fury. Anyone afraid of women who take a stand against male dominated cultural programming will run screaming from this album. Anyone interested in exploring the frame of reference of an person who won't take it anymore will be able to do so here.
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