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July 22, 2024

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SHOW REVIEW: Clutch/Slayer/System of a Down
June 9th -- Detroit, Michigan (Harpos)

By: Kate Thompson

Imagine this: you and your friends are the cleanest people standing in line. It is raining outside, people are drinking and smoking weed all around you, and you are in the worst part of town. Sound bad? It was.

I drove down to Harpos in Detroit from my hometown in Flint. The drive to Detroit wasn't bad until we hit a big construction site. The road where we had to turn to get down to Harpos was blocked. We took a detour. Almost died, but we made it to Harpos. This wonderful place where about 3 or 4 people have been murdered.

We parked on the street, turned the car alarm on, and walked to the line, which was about two freaking blocks long, so we decided to go watch for the band, where they would be exiting, and entering the building at.

Well, our chances of meeting anyone from the band were pretty slim, but we tried anyway. We were outside near the tour buses, when suddenly we see Neil Fallon from Clutch. My friend Chris had interviewed Clutch before, so he went to say hi, and two other of my friends followed. So I went to, I didn't know what to say to this God of a man, so I smiled, and he smiled back. Then we went to stand in line with all the metal banging freaks.

Boy did I feel out of place. We stood in line for about 15 to 20 minutes, we got inside, no women were there to frisk , so I got in with out being touched. I commented to my friend that I could've had a gun with me. She said, they think your hot, and you look nice, so they figure I wouldn't have a gun.

It was loud. System of a Down had just started. Let me tell you... they sucked. I am sorry, but it was like a rip off of a bad Korn album. People were drunk already, and everyone was pushing me, touching me, and spilling beer on me. I was not happy.

Well eventually the noise of System of a Down stopped, boy was I glad. And ta dah!! Appeared Clutch. Whoo hoo. But no... I did not have a good time. Clutch was great, they always are, but there was a big ass fight with these two drunk guys behind me, and people were still pushing me and touching me. I couldn't enjoy the show. So we left after Clutch finished.

Basically if you ever go to a show with a bunch of Slayer freaks, you have to expect being touched and beer being spilt. I do not recommend anyone to go to a show at Harpos, I know I won't.

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