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July 22, 2024

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Baby Snufkin
Pokey In The Bobo (Heyday Records)

By: Alex Steininger

San Francisco is known for its diversity. This goes for music, and Baby Snufkin is no exception. Creating a very unique sound by fusing a heavy Latin groove with punk-bred rhythms and a disco feel, this three-piece band demonstrates what a little creativity and a lot of fun can do for you in the 'biz.'

Coming into this album, I wasn't sure what to expect. Punk goes Latin? Could it happen, better yet, could it be pulled off? As I sat there and read the bio, I looked at the disc very intrigued. Were they strapping the punk name on just for consumer appeal, or did this album actually have a punk flavor? It was time to break the silence and find out. Slowly putting the disc into my player, much like you put your toes in a pool to test the temperature of the water, I calmly hit played and smiled. I wasn't expecting much, but when the music started pouring out of the speakers, I was instantly amazed. After listening to the whole disc, I was pretty pleased. It was a decent album. But listening to it a few more times revealed that it was much more than decent, it was fun, original, and very unique. Right from the opening track, "Indios De Barcelona," the CD pours some nice punk your way, with the Latin spin, of course. As you go on, the Latin feeling becomes very dominant, but they never ditch the punk rush of guitars, hair-raising drums, and tight bass. "Channel 13," my favorite track on this album, reveals a bit of a pop touch with an infectious chorus and strong hooks. I couldn't help but want to sing along. "Love Me Tonight" offers a heavy Latin feel, as does "Muppet Song," and "Sad Little Mexican Poet Boy." The addition of Trumpet on various tracks helps to re-enforce a nice Latin influence, while the guitars, bass, and drums jump between punk chords and fiesta styles. Ending with "Sweet Thang," the CD finishes off with a metal-esqe feel.

After listening to this CD, it made me want a nacho and some tacos. This is music for a fiesta and all the fun it stands for. These guys sure seem like they know how to throw a party, as well as charter new land musically. If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I wouldn't have believed it at all. I'll give this disc an A-.

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