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July 12, 2024

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Band Profile: Fox Fire
Enviro Aid - Ferry Records, Inc.
By: Paula M. Sherman

On a really nice Saturday spring night, my husband and I walk through our town. We pass our local bar and I look in the window to watch the band I was hearing as we approached. We liked them so much, we walked in, got some beers and listened to them.

The band is named Fox Fire, and they are a local band in my area; which is Hatboro Pennsylvania, 40 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. They are a Folk/Blues Rock 'N Roll band that has been together for about 3 years or so. They offer an original sound that everyone can enjoy, along with Classic Rock covers that they play with lots of talent and major enthusiasm.

My husband and I had walked in during their first set, and they were having technical difficulties. All I have to say is, during their little sound problems, they sounded amazing! Before they ended their first set, the drummer performed a solo for us. I had chills! And I wanted more! He was not only fast, he was creative. They took a break and I watched the band fix their sound problems, and then talk with their friends. They were a friendly group of people.

They return to rock the place with their next set and my husband and I were spell bound. The whole bar turned to watch them as they played. I saw people grooving to their tunes and really enjoying everything they offered. And this band wasn't happy unless everyone was rocking. They covered tunes I haven't heard in years, and they performed them with the same mystic that came from those tunes originally. It was thrilling to watch this band light up the room! The rhythm guitarist sang, "Mustang Sally", and I swear I haven't heard that song done so well! And the lead singer sang that cool song, "Bitch", by Meredith Brooks. She did a great job with it! The band is featured on a release called Enviro Aid, and the lead singer told the audience about it. It's a compilation of songs by many artist, and the songs are dedicated to this wonderful cause. They played for us the song they contributed to this release. The tune was called "Count On You", and it was really good.

They took another break, after giving their all to the audience. I had to find out more about them, so I snag the rhythm guitarist. His name is John Sherer. I asked him if they had anymore band flyers like the one up on the wall behind me. He smiles and takes it off the wall and hands it to me. Then he went back to talking with his friends. After reading it, I wanted to know more, so I snag the drummer. His name is Pete Bogolino. I ask him about the band and he was very happy to talk with me. I told him up front that I wanted to write about them, and he smiled and the bass player comes over. His name is Kevin Mackie. I asked them if they had a pen, I wanted their names so I could write an accurate summary about their band. I knew I wasn't going to remember a damn thing since I didn't know how many beers I had already drank.

They call over to their lead singer. Her name is Lizz Collins Ross. She also plays acoustic guitar. She had a pen, and I told her who I was and what I wanted to do and she was very gracious to me. They all were. The lead guitarist comes over also. His name is Steve Quellet. He is a new addition to the band and a wonderful component. His guitar playing is phenomenal, and Lizz mentioned he knew many covers. We had a quick conversation as Lizz wrote down the names of everyone in the band for me. And while she was doing that I told them all that their passion for music really shined through as they played. They all looked up at me and smiled, and Lizz was mostly taken by that comment. Hey, I call them as I see them. They were great and I didn't pull and punches about it. I told them that I watched everyone in the bar as they performed and everyone was really digging their music. That's a talent in itself, to hold the attention of a bar full of people who are slowly getting drunk. I laughed and Lizz told me it's nice to hear that their music has that impact. And that connection keeps them going.

Then Kevin handed me a CD, that Lizz mentioned in the second set. I thanked him. I really looked forward to listening to it. On the CD, it lists that the lyrics for "Count On You" were written by the band, and the music was written by Kevin. I smiled because it was a solid song, and I knew he was very proud of it. All of them were proud. The five members really worked well together, and their sound just proved it. I thanked them for taking the time to talk to me and they relaxed for their last set.

They went back to perform and it was better than the sets prior. They just kept getting better. As I stated, they covered tunes with talented enthusiasm. All the songs went by and I couldn't wait for the next. But one sticks in my mind most of all. And the lead guitarist sang it, a tune called "She Did Me Good". Amazing! That's all I have to say! And another cool thing I remember was John and his cordless guitar. He floated around the bar all night playing for people, because he could. I just laughed every time he'd move away from the band and just walk and play and smile. In the last set, he sat down at the bar near my husband and I and played.

Close to the end of their last set, the bartender had a very hard time getting everyone's attention for last call. That's how good this band performed. No words can explain, the audience was the proof. By the time the bartender got to me, I was like, "Wait a minute, this is a good song!" He laughed and just handed me another beer. At the end of the night, I couldn't believe the time went that fast. The band thanked everyone for coming out and said good-night. The room applauded them loudly! Then we watched them take down their equipment, and the Pete the drummer commented, "I hate this part!"

We stayed and closed the bar and just had a lot of fun! My husband and I went home in a great mood. We woke up the next morning and I played the CD that Kevin gave me and I listened to their song again. It sounded different, it was prettier. Well arranged and inspiring! I felt honored to have walked in the bar the night before and to have this CD playing in my living room.

So, I would like to recommend some outings for those who live in the Philadelphia area. Sunday, June 7th from 1 to 4pm, Fox Fire will be playing at the Sunshine Benefit at Cooper River Park near Pennsauken, New Jersey. And on September 27th, and this is tentative right now, they will be playing at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Check the schedule for changes if you're interested in going. And if you're in the Hatboro area, go to Hatboro Music on South York Road and pick up a copy of Enviro Aid. If you want directions, please email me. I go there all the time :)

This band will light you up and make you smile. And it was my absolute pleasure to have met them.

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