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July 22, 2024

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By: Kate Thompson

I was talking to some people through a message board and the topic of narrow mindness came up. We were arguing over if someone could be ignorant if they didn't have any musical influences, but just one. Is it possible that someone could only have ONE whole influence, say for example, Ska. Would they be ignorant for not allowing themselves to have any other musical background? Would it be possible for them to have just one taste in music?

We couldn't decide on a verdict. We ended up fighting over the topic. People got nasty about it. So we changed the subject. But I want to stay on the subject. To be ignorant in music, would you have to have no musical influences or would it be ignorant to call someone ignorant for only liking one kind? You guys decide.

To be musically talented would you have to take tons of music lessons? Would you learn on the first try? To be musically smart would you have to listen to all types of music, or only one? Just some questions for your feeble minds.

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