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June 21, 2024

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G. Love Special Sauce
Yeah, It's That Easy (Epic Records)

By: Paula M. Sherman

Philadelphia pride mixed with soul! The love of real, honest, music from the heart of a Philadelphian! G-LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE do it up REAL SMOOTH! I watched this group come up, and I couldn't be prouder, being a native Philadelphian. It's very hard to nail down their sound with just one word, or even two. It's bluesy, it's rappin', it's soulful, it's rockin', it's deep, it's REAL! And I wouldn't be surprised if you find yourself dancing to the music where ever you hear it! Their music just swims through you.

Before I get to their new release, let me take ya for a quick cruise. Back in 1994, G. Love & Special Sauce gave us their self-titled debut album, recorded live at Studio 4 in Philadelphia, with gems like "Cold Beverage", "Shooting Hoops", "Baby's Got Sauce". I can't believe this one was recorded live, it's so damn perfect! In 1995, they released their second album, Coast to Coast, recorded in New Orleans, featuring "Kiss And Tell" and "Soda Pop".

That brings us to their latest release, Yeah, It's That Easy, and boy do they make it sound that way! I would just like to say, right off the bat, this release is the bomb! I found it very difficult to finish this review, since I had a problem sitting in my seat, getting up to dance, I just couldn't sit still. The reflection of Garrett Dutton's passion for music will do that to ya!

Starting out with "Stepping Stones", a cute little ditty that has catchy lyrics and a hopping beat, that gets nice airplay. "I-76" is the perfect Philly song, with a roadmap included! Instant memories for natives. A little piece of history for those who live else where. "Lay Down The Law" is a perky little blues tune, giving advice to a friend. "Slipped Away (The Ballad Of Lauretha Vaird)" is a song that hits me hard. It's about a female police officer that was killed, in a neighborhood where I grew up. It has a very sad tone to it, that sends chills, and it brings tears to my eyes. A beautiful tribute to a brave lady, and her family.

"You Shall See" is a tortured love song, with great rhythm. "Take You There" reminds us all to take a look at the sun rays, with a breezy little beat and calmly voiced lyrics. "Willow Tree" is a romantic little whispy song that is awesomely executed. "Yeah, It's That Easy" talks about everything that isn't easy, with a quick little melody as the lyrics go by even quicker. A very strong statement is made in this song, about social contracts. I love it! "Recipe" is classic rap with a bluesy feel, and funny lyrics! Reminds me of "Cold Beverage" in a way. Excellent piano sound! "200 Years", another song with a strong statement, lots of rappin' soul, and great drums! "Making Amends" starts out with an exciting bass and continues on to offer more great music, with yet another strong statement, recommending not burning your candle at both ends. Good advice! "Pull The Wool" is a blues tune, as bluesy as it gets, with that rap feel.

Now the last song "When We Meet Again" is more folk sounding, with a nice guitar sound, and a sweet story. A nice end to an emotionally performed compilation. Nice job guys!

If you like rap music with the blues mixed in, or you like blues with a little rap, either way, G. Love will take you by the hand and give you something to dance to. Buy it! It's real!

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