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June 19, 2024

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It's a gloomy, windy Saturday afternoon. I'm sitting on the couch waiting for Anthony Leon Kameil to unwind and settle down, long enough for us to engage in a conversation. It doesn't quite happen that way. Anthony......or Ant, as I call him, never stops moving! He's always " on ". Even on a Saturday, he's either making business calls or receiving them. While he's on the phone, I decide to go back to the beginning.

Anthony Leon Kameil ( not his given name ) was born on May 7, 1960 in Jersey City, New Jersey. After graduating from Snyder High School, Anthony left home for Hollywood, CA, to pursue his dreams, leaving behind his mother and two older sisters. While in California, Anthony pursued many interests and accomplished many dreams. He's an actor, having appeared on the " Wayans Brothers" and "Guiding Light". He's also starred in many plays. His mother, Ethel, will gladly show you all of the newspaper clippings she's saved, featuring her only son. Aside from just acting, Anthony plays the piano and keyboards. He writes and produces his own music, he sings, raps, writes poetry, and comedy. He even takes pictures! The man does everything! In 1995, Anthony decides to come back to the East Coast to be near his family. Since his return, he's thrown himself into his music. Ant is always interested in meeting and working with new people. People like himself who are serious about their careers. I've seen Anthony send out dozens of his demo tapes to well known record companies, he's even sent them out to record companies that I've never heard of. He's completely dedicated to his craft, as any artist should be. I know that ANTHONY LEON KAMEIL is someone who has something to say, and he says it through his music without being, you know.....preachy. For example; on his demo tape there's a song called, " It's X-mas " . This is a slow ballad type song, which tackles the homelessness issue. You'll never look at homeless people the same way again, after hearing this song. " Stepping out on Faith " is an upbeat, danceable track actually inspired by the Bible's, Book of Revelations.

Ok, Ant's off the phone, so I go for it.

Orion: Hey Ant! What don't you like about the music being played today?

ALK: Um, It just all sounds the same. 95% of the music being played are love songs. Why I love you, Why I dumped you, Why I'm with somebody else now, you know?

Orion: Yeah. Which producers and/or writers would you like to work with?

ALK: Babyface definitely. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are good.

Orion: Who do you listen to?

ALK: Mariah Carey, Babyface, Janet Jackson, Alanis Morrisette, Prince, Whitney Houston.

Orion: Whitney? You still like her?

ALK: (laughs) Yes. She can sing, but her last few performances were horrible.

Orion: Are you gonna give her another chance?

ALK: Maybe. It depends on her next performance.

Orion: Do you have a song of yours that's your favorite?

ALK: Not really.

Orion: No? What about " Stepping out on Faith " ? You play that song an awful lot.

ALK: Do I?

Orion: Yeah, I think so. Dominique seems to know that song by heart.
( Dominique is my 2 year old sister. )

ALK: Which song do you like?

Orion: " Can I be the one you run to?".

ALK: Really? Why?

Orion: It's just smooth, and I really don't care for slow songs either. Hey, are you gonna have a Super Bowl Party?
( Anthony loves to throw parties )

ALK: I'm thinking about it.

Orion: I just wanna come and be greedy.

ALK: As usual, right?

Orion: Yep. Any advice for aspiring artists?

ALK: Yeah, Don't give up, Follow your dreams, Be patient. Meet and talk to as many people as you can. Work hard at whatever you love.

Orion: Cool.

ALK: Is that it?

Orion: Yeah, why?

ALK: Because we're about to go and get the tree.

Orion: Don't forget the egg nog!

ALK: ( laughs)

I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. I've learned a lot about Anthony Leon Kameil, both personally and professionally. He's truly an inspiration, and I'm proud to be his niece. Anthony can be contacted through myself at [email protected].

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