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June 16, 2024

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Organized Konfusion
Equinox (Priority)

By: Wes Eckmayer

This album is a concept album. It is an album that is formatted like a movie. So instead of me reviewing, I turned it over to Siskell and Ebert.

Siskell-This next movie comes from Organized Konfusion. You may remember past works such as Organized Konsion, and Stress: The extinction Agenda. These releases have been critically acclaimed but did not do well at the box office. The latest installment is the Equinox. It is an urban drama that takes us through the events on two men: Malice and Life. My favorite scene is the depiction of Malice's unborn child, during "In Vetro". This scene captures what the experience of being an unborn child in the womb of a mother who smokes crack and eats unhealthy food. It magnifies the unhealthy mental and physical breeding ground that these children are reared on.

Ebert-I would have to agree that the scene is moving. But I do find fault with the some of the backing music on some of the other tracks. The screenplay is tremendous but the score is somewhat uninspired.

Siskell-Maybe if your weren't stuffing your fat face full of Milk Duds and Jujubees,you would realize that the dialogue is the most essential part in Organized Konfusion's work. Maybe if you would put that 3 day old pickle down you would realize how brilliantly it was written. The scene from the point of view of the white supremacist was very haunting.

Ebert-Listen you bald twit there is no Rogaine in the usher girls rear-end you keep staring at. You can't transfer the hair on your knuckles to a your head. And the guitar on "Hate" was wee bit cheesy. Siskell-I will admit that the some of backing music was mediocre. However lyrically it was exceptional. Ebert-I am not arguing against the style or words. I just expected more. It still is one of the top movies of the year. It easily blows away the unrealistic mafia movies that have be coming out of late. . Thumbs up from me.

Sickell-I agree. Thumbs up. Oh usher girl. I dropped my watch under the seat could you come hear and help me find it?

I would have to agree with Siskell and Ebert. This album is very lyrically tight, but has mediocre production. The lyrics make up for the lackluster beats, making it one the best albums of the year.

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