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July 17, 2024

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Radio Noise
Bright New Day (Pagan Music)

By: Alex Steininger

Radio Noise is not just a bunch of noise that your likely to hear plastered all over your local radio station. No, Radio Noise is a combination of musicians who have served their time in some of today's most innovative ska acts, and now they have formed to blend their musical interests into a unique sound. A unique sound not like any others. Radio Noise combines ska, rock, and Caribbean beats to serve up a spicy treat to fans of their music.

Bright New Day, their second full length, starts out with "Quicksand." It starts out with some ska guitar and drum beats that will remind you of your last visit to the circus. But then the pace picks up, and everything goes full swing. The horns sound full, while the drums serve up meaty beats. The bass keeps everything upbeat and strong. The guitarist even throws in some quick rock guitar solos, but the vocals just don't seem to blend as well as they could on this track. They are too heavy and scratchy to jump with the tempo of this upbeat song. "Jack Friday" starts off with a very spicy Caribbean feel. The horns keep you dancing, while the rest of the band keeps you from wanting to stop dancing. This time the vocals add a nice touch to the song. They make you think of a hot beach with palm trees all around, while your sitting back drinking tropical drinks and just enjoying life. The keyboards add that extra kick. "On Your Knees" starts out with some delicious ska beats, and when the vocals enter you'll be jumping out of your chair and movin' your feet. "Smarter Man" throws some rock your way with the intro, but don't sweat it too long, because the dancing will pick right back up. The beats are too fast for traditional ska, and too up tempo and modern to consider the beats two tone. Not as fast as you might expect from a third wave ska band, but they fit best into that category. But with their blend of various other types of music, to just label them as a ska band would be cutting them too short. The CD ends with "Long Night."

Like I just said, Radio Noise is far from just a ska band. They're very talented and know what they like. They throw everything they enjoy your way, and compose a disk that shows their various interests. But, sometimes they do sink down and get dull. They usually do pick up the pace and get the party jumping again, but sometimes they get lost in their own diversity. I'll give this CD a B. All together it was a good CD, so if your looking for some ska infectious beats with lots of different variety thrown in, e-mail Pagan Music and pick this CD up.

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