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July 23, 2024

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The Jackson Pollack 5ive
Humble Yourself Under The Mighty Hand of... (Schizophonic Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The Jackson Pollack 5ive is the brainchild, and first solo effort, by Vaughn Berger. Vaughn is no stranger to band life, as he has played in many seminal Northwest bands including 16 Kats, The Durangos, The Whirlees, The Diggs, and The Revells. On this CD you'll see what he is all about with his diverse musical styles, ranging from pop-rock to garage rock, that combine with his song writing to form a musical experience you will never forget.

"No Letter for Dear John" is a very slow, intoxicating ballard that relies heavily on pop beats and rhythms to get the words emotions across, while "Down Goes the Swinger" is a head on blow that relies on a more yelling approach to vocals, and louder guitars to scream across your ears and get everything to you in one piece. "Cave In" is just a good old rock and roll track that will take you back to the times when music was about fun, not money. But it also adds a shadowy figure on it's rock approach, and adds darkness as it's key element to portray a different type of fun. Whether it be kicking back and downing a few beers to drown your sorrow, or it be conquering your fears in the night it won't hold anything back, so be prepared. "Median Strip" is just an instrumental that seems to go on forever.

The Jackson Pollack 5ive pull everything together to create music that is about the music, not about the money. It seems to me they are doing this for themselves, which keeps the music real and fun. And fun is what this record is about. I'll give it a B. It had a few lose ends, but for the most part it followed its goal quite well...and you can tell the band had fun recording this EP.

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