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July 23, 2024

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Latex Generation
360 Degrees (One Foot Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Hailing from New York, here comes the Latex Generation. A four piece melodic punk band. Don't twist your mind and start thinking pop-punk, there is no punk here. Just lots of truth about life, questions, and attitude towards the society we live in.

"Central America" starts the CD off. "Well I guess that punk rock is better than flipping burgers in some sleazy Pennsylvania town with Chuck and Dave on the radio/I guess that punk rock beats any ol' face in the crowd/and thinking you're the best at anything that comes around/I think that punk rock is for people who have no clue, 'cause what's good for me may not be good for you." Those being a good portion of the lyrics, I have a hard time understanding what the songs about. Whether it's a rip on everyone trying to be punk these days, or whether the vocalist is professing why he went the punk rock way. Whatever the case may be, the back up the lyrics with a fast paced beat you can mosh too, jump around too, and run around like a moron while listening to the music. Whatever you want to do, this music is great for any physical mood. "They Killed The Radio" brings up a point I've been disguised with for many years. "I do not have an obsession with fashion/I'm not a slave to the clothes I wear/When the music becomes a fashion statement/It's time to pack my bags." Those lyrics drive right to the heart of what I have been trying to get across. All these kids now days believe spikes make them punk. You need to dress a certain way to be punk. Let's go back to the roots of punk and learn it's about the beliefs and attitudes of a group of people who weren't accepted by society and who had ideas on how to improve society, but were ignored. These guys know what they're talking about, and better yet, back it up with some noise. A fast driving guitar, bass that hammers inside your head, drums that add a harsh reality to the music, and the vocals that add the snotty edge of truth to the music. "Delivery Boy" brings more of that sweet, melodic punk that slams in your face and makes you listen to what needs to be said. The drums work overtime, and the bass puts in it's power ten fold. Paulie Latex, the vocalist, slams through the song with his words of wisdom, fear, and questions with his own twist on them. And the slightly snotty, slightly emotional vocals add great feeling to the song. On "Fuck Me, I'm A Rock Star" they slow the pace down a bit, and try to add some love to your emotions. A song about lovers who never cared about each other. These guys are great when they're fast, but when they slow it down, the backing vocals become annoying, and something is lost in the translation. They need to stay fast. "I Killed The President" is another boring, slow track that picks itself up in some spots, but even then it doesn't run at a speed that these guys rock at. The CD ends with "Fallen Angel," a cover song. They end the CD on a good note, with their melodic punk that made you come to them in the first place.

When these guys are fast and noisy they are great, but when they slow down to have the listener absorb more emotion they lose a lot in the translation. Keep it fast, and they're great. I'll give this CD a B. They have a great future with their true-to-life lyrical power, and their nice brand of punk.

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