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July 22, 2024

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The Fearless Records Sampler (Fearless Records)

By: Alex Steininger

So many labels put out samples for your convenience. They have just too much material on their label, and you have to decide which ones to spend your hard earned money on. Now that Fearless Records has a Twenty Four track compilation out, you'll get a good sample of what's on their label, and you shouldn't have any trouble picking out stuff you like.

The CD starts out with Chuck contributing "Punk Rock In Your Face," from their up coming full length album. The bass starts your toes tapping, as the drumming gets your head bouncing. Then the guitar flies in, and the party starts. The vocals are a bit rough and loud. But when the band gets the melody going in their punk, everything evens out. The drums add a lot to this song. Sure drums are very important, but as the drums beat on the cymbals the song will be that much better. Glue Gun wants to tell you that "The Scene Is Not For Sale." Fast guitars that are very thick, and some more hard working drums compromise the majority of the sound. But then the bass adds a powerful lick here and there, while the vocals get their message across with decently written lyrics proclaiming they don't need your money, and they just want to stay happy in their own little underground. White Kaps bring their song "Dork," along with their heavy and fast blend of punk rock to the sampler. The guitars make the blood rush throughout your body, while the drums flare up a powerful headache in your head. The bass is the strength of the song. Over powering when it wants to be, and nicely tied into the frame when it wants to be. Grabbers' "Better Life" has a great intro. The fuzz of the guitar sounds off while the bass plays over it. Soon the drums enter in, and the sound is soft yet powerful. Everything is going great, and you'll get a really good feeling for the song. But then what happens? A country singer turned punk rocker turns up at vocals. Their other song on the compilation, "Thanks," is the same way. The music is great and without the vocals would pass as average. But when the vocals come in the whole song is ruined. Maybe if they had a new vocalist they would rock your world? Who knows. Chuck's other song on the compilation, "Armistice Day," starts out very soft, and then fades out. Right then the band comes in with some bass heavy punk rock. Within ten seconds the first hook is thrown, and you'll enjoy it! This band is the best band on the compilation. This song happens to be my favorite song on the compilation. Look for their new album coming out soon. If their two songs on the compilation is any indication of what they new album will be like, it will be great. Big Wig's "Old Lady" is a classic melodic punk song. Another great song on this sampler. Big Wig is always a blast. Check out their CD review in this same issue. This song happens to be on it (track one.) The hooks are rich and will grab you. The bass is thick and will put a smile on your face. All this while the drums pound away. They are truly a great band. Thirty Foot Fall closes out this twenty four track CD with their cover of "Dancing With Myself." I love punk cover songs of older songs. They are always memorable and catchy. You'll find yourself singing along to this CD in no time. The vocals are over powering in the mix, but just the fact that the song brings back memories is enough to make it an album stand out. There is also an extra track on this CD with a lot of humor, and jokes about covering Slayer, and an attempt at covering NOFX and White Zombie!

Fearless Records has a promising line-up, and will be a punk rock record label to reckon with in the future. So if your in the mood for some good punk rock, check out this Fearless Records sampler. I'm sure you'll find something that is appealing to you! I give this compilation a B.

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