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July 23, 2024

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The Skeletones
Dr. Bones (DNA Records/Noise Records)

By: Alex Steininger

The Skeletones are a very energetic seven piece ska band from Southern California. Gaining legendary status in their hometown, and touring hard to gain recognition in various other states, these guys are definitely heading for something big!

Their second full-length release to date, "Dr. Bones," is eleven songs of great sounding music. The Skeletones form their own blend of ska, and add meaningful lyrics to every song. The first song is the title track. It starts off with a sample saying "this is going to hurt you more than it hurts me," and then enters the ska guitar and drums. Then enters the rest of the band, and the pace speeds up. Fasted paced action, then the song begins to slow down and mellow out. But then the drums start getting faster and faster and the pace begins to pick up, only to end the song. Track two, "Razor Back," is the next track. It starts off with a quick guitar and then enters the whole band. Then Jonas (the lead singer) comes on and says, "I've got something to get off my chest/that directly has to deal with you/I'm always busting my ass helping you get ahead/but you're never there when I need you." Not only is the beat very infectious, the lyrics are very catchy and actually have a point behind them. Track three starts off with Jonas singing, and then the band enters. Track three is "Can't Face the Day," and it has to be my personal favorite on the album. This song (OK...all the songs) make you want to jump up and just dance. But this song particularly! After you hear this song you will be sold on the album already. One listen and your theirs. Two tracks go by before we come to, "Load Come Down." A very powerful song that at the end will make you sit back and think about our government and what they care about: Their people or money? Then comes track seven, "Anatomy Of A Perfect Woman." Another infection tune. They are all very infectious, but some just stand out on your first listen, and this is another one of them. If by this song your not sold on the album, your either asleep or dead. There are Four more tracks on the album. Track ten is labeled as "Intermission," and track twelve is, "Sonic," but on my CD player their are only eleven tracks.

The Skeletones have gained legendary status in their hometown for good reason. They are a very solid band, have lots of talent, and write great music. Every song is contagious and will grab you and eat you whole. One full listen to the CD and you too will be a fan of The Skeletones. I would give this CD an A+. There is really nothing I can find wrong. They are very talented, and I'm sure there will be some people influenced by them in the future. Keep your eye out for The Skeletones, and if they come to your town, go and see them. You won't be disappointed.

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