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July 23, 2024

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Skarmagenddon 3
A New Beginning (Moon Ska Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Leave it up to Moon Ska NYC to bring you the latest and greatest bands making the scene today. Forty-five bands, two discs full of up-and-coming bands of tomorrow! And to top it all off, they separated the old-skool/2Tone (disc one) and the Post-2Tone/Ska-punk/beyond (disc two.) This compilation is perfect for any ska lover, new or old school.

Disc One, Old-Skool/2Tone, contains twenty three tracks of some of the hottest bands in various scenes today. From The Articles "Starsky" to Low Pressure's "Secret," there is something for everyone. Track five, "Starsky" by the Articles, starts off with some classic ska guitar, and then the brilliant horn section enters. The band plays so perfectly together, to form a soothing sound for your ears. It is an instrumental track, but the melody is quite nice. Take your partner and dance to this track. Low Pressure's "Secret" is one of my favorite tracks on disc one. Whether it be the great female voices going at it, or the upbeat, dancing flavor of the song, this is definitely an album standout. Checkmate deliver some good 2Tone vibes with their contribution of "Skaramunga." The lively horns, combined with the great guitar make this song perfect to dance too. It too is an instrumental track. Skalicious, with "Little Bird," combine music and voice to make a spicy blend of great ska. An upbeat track with great bass, horns, drums, and who can forget the guitar? Greenhouse, "Palabras," delivers the goods. On first listen to this track you can't help it but want to jump up and dance! The final track on disc one, Johnny Too Bad and the Strikeouts with "Doesn't Matter," is a notable end to a great CD! Very mellow, but then it grabs you and makes you dance with it. It picks up the pace, the horns jump alive, and the rest is ska history!

Disc two, Post-2Tone/Ska-Punk/Beyond, delivers some great "ska-core" and "third wave ska." Hot Stove Jimmy's "School Clothes," is a hot track sure to keep you wanting more! Combining modern ska with punk, and you get Hot Stove Jimmy's take on ska. Another hot track on this CD that I catch myself singing (and wanting more) is Big Lick with "7 Grand." A fast paced, third wave ska track. This band has a bright future! I would be very interested in hearing more about them! This track has to be my favorite track on disc two (and the whole compilation.) Two-Thousand flushes throw in some cowbells with their fast paced, upbeat ska. The track is "Mi Hamster Esta Muerto," and I have no clue what that means! I didn't understand a word in the song, but the music was nice enough to keep my interest. Want a little humor served with your ska? Stizzle with "Cock-n-Balls," will provide the comedy for you, and the upbeat ska-core if you want it. The first song to catch my interest on the album though is 17 Tight with "Failed Trust." The vocals seem to be distorted, as well as the guitar. The horns add some great times to the music! This song isn't fast, it isn't slow, it is just right! No ska-core here. It is 17 Tights spin on the third wave of ska. And when doing a compilation, don't forget the song about OJ. Aks Mamma give you the option of hearing their opinions about OJ or dancing on their contribution "OJ." With lyrics like, "OJ is a very bad man. He killed his wife and her best friend," we know their take on what is going on!

At the bottom of the compilation the CD reads, "If it's on Moon Ska, it's out of this world!" I have to agree! This compilation is nothing but great, to say the least. Moon Ska has a reputation for bringing us the best in the scene, and they haven't let us down with this release! I give this CD an A+. If you don't like compilations, forget your past experiences, and give this CD a try! You won't regret it!

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