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July 14, 2024

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Dyslexic Apaches
Fake Angst and the Teenage Blowtorch (Fuse Records)

By: Alex Steininger

Dyslexic Apaches are a four piece that is very hard to classify. Their sound is very unique. If I had to classify their sound I would classify it is a mix between heavy metal, rock, funk, and some industrial-like mixtures thrown in.

The CD starts off with the rock-industrial-heavy metal track "No Mas Trabajo." There is a few industrial beats to in, and there are a few heavy metal beats to the song. The vocals even range from heavy metal like screaming to industrial distorted vocals. And this is why they are so hard to classify, the throw in a lot of influences and mixtures. Track two is "Eye Doctors and Tennis Players." It starts off with a very modern day industrial guitar, and then the music turns into rock while the vocals go do their own thing. Definitely not the best combo. The song itself would be fine, but the vocals distract your attention from an otherwise good tune. Four tracks role on before we come to "Kirk, My Old Friend." This song is definitely one of the better ones on the album, and one of the only pop-rock tunes on the album. Track seven is "Only the Beautiful Become Famous." A nice bass intro, now enter the drums, and nice rock guitar intro. But then the vocals enter and destroy the song. When the vocals aren't going, the song is great. Very catchy, and the hooks to get the beat stuck in your head. There are two more tracks on the CD for a total of nine.

This CD was just not very good. The Vocals destroy almost any addiction this CD can feed. It makes you wonder how some people get signed? There is a lot of bands out there with much more talent, who haven't even gotten a chance at a record deal. My only advice, give them a try, and let these guys figure out what they want to become. I will give this CD a D rating. It just didn't appeal to me.

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